5 Female-Driven Restaurants In Toronto Perfect For A Galentine’s Girls’ Night Out

January 31, 2024

There are numerous ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends, and if you’ve decided on a girls’ night out, what better way to commemorate the strength of sisterhood than at restaurants that are strongly influenced by women? Explore these five female-led restaurants in Toronto that are perfect for Galentine’s Day! —Christina Armanious

Situated within the recently refurbished Sutton Place Hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto, Abrielle distinguishes itself as an elegant and polished dining destination, emanating a coastal Mediterranean ambiance. Perfectly suited for Galentine’s Day, it not only offers an escape in the chilly February weather but also honours women through its distinctly female-driven identity. Namely, their sizable wine selection is curated exclusively from wineries owned by women. In line with the restaurant’s persona, Abrielle appeals to a clientele that mirrors the qualities of a confident and cosmopolitan woman.

Janet Zuccarini, a prominent restaurateur, culinary girlboss, and a resident judge on Canada’s Top Chef, has progressively built a gastronomic empire around Toronto. As the visionary founder of the Gusto 54 Restaurant Group (Gusto 101, Gusto 501) for over 28 years, she has introduced a series of highly sought-after dining spots under the Gusto brand, such as Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, Trattoria Nervosa, Azhar, Café Zuzu, PAI, and more. With a commitment to delivering innovative and delectable dining experiences, Janet curates the perfect atmosphere for a memorable girls’ night out, celebrating female entrepreneurship and culinary excellence.

Providing a genuine taste of Mexican cuisine while paying homage to her maternal heritage, Colibrí executive chef Elia Herrera, at the helm, utilizes time-honoured recipes handed down over generations, drawing inspiration from her mother and grandmother. The result is a menu featuring inventive dishes that epitomize authenticity. Colibrí is more than just women-led; it is a celebration of women’s inspiration and influence in every aspect of its culinary artistry.

Co-founded by three sisters, SugarKane is a black-owned restaurant born from a shared passion for food and hospitality. Their culinary journey began by preparing home-cooked meals for friends and family during gatherings, eventually evolving into a thriving catering business, and later developing into a full-service restaurant in the Danforth neighbourhood. Specializing in Caribbean fusion dishes with a Southern twist, SugarKane invites you to savour the essence of sisterhood with every delicious bite.

Inspired by her mother’s culinary prowess and hospitality, as well as her father’s love for wine and adventure, Nicki Laborie founded Bar Reyna. Having dedicated years to studying food education and restaurant management abroad, Laborie wanted to craft an eclectic Mediterranean cocktail and snack bar, aiming to introduce a fresh gastronomic experience to the predominantly French-inspired Yorkville neighbourhood. Defying gender norms in the predominantly male-dominated food and beverage industry, Reyna has expanded south of the border.


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