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The Mom Flow: Car Chaos + Reset Update

February 4, 2024

I loveeee this week’s Mom Flow. I hope you get a lot out of it. I also wanted to share a podcast I was on this week, where I chatted about some pretty juicy mom topics including feeling ‘less than’ as a mom of one, how I feel about mommy vloggers, stay-at-home mom’s having nannies (spoiler alert: HERE FOR IT) and sooo much more. I hope you will listen and love hanging with us! —Erin Sousa

Car Chaos

Let me take a moment to show you my backseat. I swear this is ground zero! I think it’s important to show the chaos that tends to happen around here! Does anyone else’s back seat look like this all the time? It’s basically like a Lola bomb went off (hmmmm where does she get that from?!). Are people actually clearing out the back seat and bringing things in and out every day or are we safe to say we’re all aligned with knowing that it’s gonna be a dumping ground back there? I must know.

The Best Shows For Ignoring Your Partner

Roberto and I are always looking for things to watch together and we actually do pretty well I think! We have an hour of TV together every night after Lola is in bed because after a long day, laying in the living room and ignoring each other just hits. I know so many of us are looking shows we can watch with our partners so I thought I’d share our go-tos that we have been watching lately! 

  • The Bear
  • The Crown (I am saving the last episode bc I don’t want it to be over! Looooved the last season)
  • Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules (I can’t believe he is into VPR now… kinda bummed bc it means I need to save it to watch with him! I kid)
  • Expats
  • Morning Show

One Month Of Life + Work Reset … UPDATE

Here’s a little vid detailing the wins (and areas for improvement) from my first month of this li’l reset. Tried to be quick, but it’s a little long. It’s not exhaustive and definitely NOT over yet.

There’s more! Keep reading this week’s edition of The Mom Flow by Erin Sousa for long-haul-flight tips, a few things on Erin’s “bought” and “want” list and more; subscribe for free to receive new posts and support her work, here!


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