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The Mom Flow: A Big Accident + One Kid Shade

February 11, 2024

Incoming merch?! Not quiiiite but I did have a little fun designing a Mom Flow cap. File this under trying new things which is very much what my reset is dedicated to. It’s cute and perfect for all those MOM-days. P.S: working on something fun with a friend for Mother’s Day and can’t wait to share!

One-Kid Life

I was on a podcast recently and all three of us (me + the two hosts) have one child – for me, as we know, I am one and done. So many people disagree with this decision and they have opinions. Differences make the world go ‘round! For our lifestyle, one kid is where it’s at, and it’s always crazy to me how much negativity can be thrown at you when you voice this decision. Will they get lonely? Will they be spoiled? What about when you’re no longer here? I know many only children who are just amazing people. One of the hosts on the podcast made such an amazing point that I never thought of: could the push for multiple kids be because it simply sells more things? I’m all about keeping an open mind and considering why we feel how we feel, and how society has conditioned us to be a certain way. It’s interesting to ponder!

Lola’s First Big Accident

Well, it happened. Lola had her first big accident. I am writing this after a visit to the ER and I’m feeling so shaken up. It was a normal daycare pick up, and we were coming through the parkade doors to get to the elevator. I didn’t notice if the was walking or running, but I looked down to grab my keys and BAM, I heard a huge thump, and there she was on the ground. She had tripped and fallen, slamming her head into a metal door frame corner. I dropped everything and picked her up – she had a huge dent in the middle of her forehead that promptly filled with blood. I tried to stay calm but wow, that was impossible. We ran upstairs, I called Roberto who was at work, and told him to come home right away – we were going to the ER. Luckily, it was ok and she got some medical glue put on it. A big gash, bump, and bruise, but she is ok and home in bed. What a night! (I’m sure I am more traumatized than she is!)

A Few Things To Love

I love my UGG Tasman and they are always out of stock, but found them and I’m considering another pair (hubs will kill me)

I was so honoured to receive a gift from a client as a thank you for good work – they gave me this pair of their beautiful earrings. LOVE them. So classic and chic.

There’s more! Keep reading this week’s edition of The Mom Flow by Erin Sousa for a big-girl-bed milestone and more; subscribe for free to receive new posts and support her work, here!


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