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New-To-Us Nosh: Bar Haifa

February 12, 2024

Given current world events, it’s really (like, really) nice to see Israelis and Palestinians come together to make something good. In the case of Bar Haifa, that offering is food—some of the best Middle Eastern fare we’ve tasted in Vancouver in a long time.

In fact, the port city of Haifa in Israel has been home to Arabs and Jews living and working alongside each other for centuries. In this spirit of co-existence, close friends and seasoned restaurateurs from both Palestinian and Jewish backgrounds, Fadi Hakim, Waseem Dabdoub, Mark Kupfert, Yossi Misrachi Eastwood and Daniel Suss came together to open the Haifa Room in Toronto in 2021. Two years later they ventured to Vancouver, to open a grander, more elevated love-letter to the cuisine they grew up with.

The result of this awesome collaboration is Bar Haifa, situated in the light-filled lobby of the Deloitte Summit tower on West Georgia Street. Peppered with plants and a neon sign with both Arabic and Hebrew writing, you may miss this place if you’re not looking carefully; however, we’re certain every worker in office tower above is aware of its tantalizing presence.

Disclaimer: nothing on the lunch menu is bad. Everything is delicious. We tried most of it, and could not find fault. To start, you can’t go wrong with the smoky-sweet cashew muhammara: cashew + piquillo + aleppo + pine nuts make for a delicious dip in an arresting orange hue. There’s a “snacks” section on the menu, too, with options like falafels, brussels sprouts and smelts (“fries with eyes”); order all five dishes and you’ve got a fully shareable meal.

Or, opt for a plate just for you. We tried the authentically yummy falafel platter (served with the pillow-like pita, imported from New Jersey), the loaded eggplant (even the eggplant-hater in our group loved it) and the Palestinian chicken, which came with a plethora of sides. We’ll have to come back for dinner to try items like scallop crudo, Haifa potatoes Jerusalem artichoke karaage and skewer striploin shishkabab—lucky us! —Noa Nichol


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