Vagentine’s Day Is Now An Official National Holiday

February 12, 2024

We are so excited to share the development that’s set to revolutionize the pre-Valentine’s Day ritual, introducing the world to a brand-new national holiday: Vagentine’s Day on February 13.

eos, the iconic Gen Z beauty brand, is breaking the mold and officially recognizing the importance of the day before Valentine’s by celebrating hoohas everywhere. Based on TikTok data, eos discovered 65 per cent of users prepare for Valentine’s up to a week in advance. According to eos CMO Soyoung Kang, “Valentine’s Day is always the talk of the town, but the real magic happens on February 13. You’re landscaping. You’re transforming. You’re walking out of that bathroom feeling smooth, moisturized, and confident.”

Having been the unofficial sponsor of Vagentine’s Day for years, eos has taken a bold step to make it an official national holiday. This initiative, backed by the brand’s commitment to empowering self-expression and confidence, was approved after eos applied for the calendar day in 2023.

To kick off the inaugural Vagentine’s Day, eos has launched an exciting campaign called Dear Vagentine. This campaign encourages you to digitally pen love letters to your intimate parts, celebrating and respecting them in their own unique way. You can share your messages on social media, tagging @eosproducts, for a chance to win exclusive prizes designed to enhance your Valentine’s Day prep.

The brand’s iconic shave cream is the main character for all your Vagentine’s day primping and prepping, available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. This non-foaming cream, enriched with shea oil, shea butter, and soothing Aloe, guarantees a soft, smooth, and irritation-free shave, providing 24-hour hydration and lasting skin comfort. Hydrate, protect, and bid farewell to nicks and cuts—because every skin deserves the best.

This cheeky twist on Valentine’s Day is both refreshing and empowering, and we are confident that it will resonate with you! —Vita Daily


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