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A Top Canadian Relationship Expert Has Released Her Debut Book On Valentine’s Day (Win!)

February 13, 2024

Today, certified love and relationship expert Chantal Landreville is releasing her debut book Raise Your Love Signal: A Guide to Attracting and Keeping the Love of Your Life! This insightful new relationship guide shares Chantal’s practical wisdom and strategies for attracting and keeping true love. A must-read for those who are single, dating or in a relationship, Raise Your Love Signal is a transformative book that takes readers on a soulful and relatable journey to discover the path to finding and keeping authentic, healthy relationships. Drawing from 20 years of her own pursuit to find her partner, Chantal’s debut book reveals simple yet powerful principles to help readers find and nurture love, as well as understand the fundamentals for a successful long-term relationship. We chatted with Chantal to learn more. —Vita Daily

Hi Chantal! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I am a passionate certified love and relationship coach. My mission is to help people discover the path to authentic and lasting love and work with them to develop the tools needed to create healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Congrats on releasing Raise Your Love Signal: A Guide to Attracting and Keeping the Love of Your Life! What’s your debut book about, who is it for and what inspired you to write it, now?

Thank you! It’s really a relationship guide that provides readers with practical wisdom, principles and strategies for attracting and keeping true love. I wrote it for people who are single, dating or in a relationship, for those looking to discover the path to finding as well as keeping authentic, healthy relationships. It’s meant to be an easy read to share the very best of what I learned and applied in my own life that got me the best results. After two decades of overcoming the worst luck in my love life, I knew I had to share the insights that got me the results of not just discovering the right partner but also the profound experience of genuine love. It’s the best feeling in the world! I feel everyone deserves to experience it.

When it comes to attracting and keeping true love, do you have any top advice or tips to give, even at a very high level?

Number one, you need to understand what love actually means to you and what you want your relationship with love to be. Think about it; if your relationship with love so far has always been about giving, at some point you will need to learn how to receive it. If your relationship with love has always been about accommodating your partners and not staying true to who you really are, you will need to set your boundaries and learn to stay true to the real you. It’s important to know what that is so you don’t get trapped calling in love for the wrong and unhealthy reasons.

Second, get clear on what you are looking for. We are really good at thinking about what we want and don’t want in a partner, but we don’t take the time to ask ourselves in-depth questions about what we need in order to sustain a long-term committed relationship. Your needs refer to the fundamentals, the values or demands you have that come very close to being deal-breakers. In other words, these needs are the things you would never tolerate or accept in a relationship, and they leave no room for compromise; these can include, for example, concepts like a sense of security, confidence, trust, fidelity.  Needs also determine how you will provide for one another especially when the lust, the romance and butterflies will be gone!   

What would you say are some of the key fundamentals for a successful long-term relationship that people may not be aware of?

First off, a relationship is a two-way street. It’s not just about “you”—your needs, your wants. We often get wrapped up in our self-absorbed selves.  A successful, quality relationship consists of two people coming together and being willing to take care of each other’s needs. It’s about how each of you wants to be taken care of, supported and listened to. In many cases, though, we seem to think it’s OK to make it all about our needs and wants without even thinking about how we will actually serve our partner’s needs in the relationship. To have your wants and needs met, you have to actively reciprocate these.  

Self-awareness is key. Knowing yourself is a game-changer. When you’re aware of your baggage like beliefs, patterns and what sets you off, life gets simpler. It makes it easier to communicate, work through stuff, and deal with conflicts way smoother with your partner. Example: if you get in an argument, you need time to process. It’s hard for you to talk or express yourself at the moment. When you have the self-awareness about it, you can communicate it to your partner, “I need time to process this, can we reconvene in a couple hours because right now, I will only say things I will regret later.” It makes it easier for both of you to respect and accept each other, creating a healthy dynamic focused on solutions not problems and a love that stands the test of time. 

In my book, I also write about the six fundamental pillars you need to build and maintain to have a healthy, loving and fun relationship.

While we have you, we have to ask: is the “trend” of online dating fading? Are we seeing a return to meeting in person? What would you predict some of the top trends in dating and relationships are going to be in 2024?

There is definitely a return to the basics, meaning organically meeting people through shared interest, or groups as well as revisiting their existing network of friends and acquaintances for introductions or connections within these circles. You can meet anyone, at any time, anywhere in a natural setting but people need to start being more observant and open, exchanging smiles instead of being so absorbed in their phones.

Another interesting trend involves individuals reaching out to past high school or college sweethearts, and surprisingly, there are many success stories. Considering the significant changes and personal growth that occur over 20 to 30 years, some may be newly separated or have experienced transformative life events. Reconnecting with old connections is proving worthwhile, after all timing is actually a thing! 

Dating apps still remain the main way people connect (one out of four relationships is formed via dating app). I love that they now offer video call features, which is extremely helpful to combat catfishing and dating burnout. Instead of engaging in long text exchanges, where our imaginations can run wild with someone we haven’t met, the ability to schedule a video call within a few days to verify their identity and assess if there’s a genuine vibe or connection before meeting in person. A lot can be “picked up” from a person through a video call.

With that being said, regular users still have a love/hate relationship with them. 

What do you love most about being a certified love and relationship expert?

We’ve never been taught anything about Love or how to “be” in relationships.  I knew I could help people avoid the 20 years it took me to get here through everything I learned and applied in my own life. I love being able to teach people the proper love skills to not only attract the right partner, but to also be able to be in a fun, healthy, long-lasting relationship. Seeing the positive transformation of my clients as we work together is very rewarding. Especially seeing them step into their power & self-worth, because that is a huge part of attracting a high quality partner and being in a healthy relationship. I find a lot of happiness through my work.

Where and when can we snag this book?!

You can get a copy of my book Raise Your Love Signal: A Guide to Attracting and Keeping the Love of Your Life starting today, February 14, 2024, at

Win! A “Raise Your Love Signal” Relationship Prize Pack!

Congrats Jessica F. of Toronto, ON, who will receive a “Raise Your Love Signal” Relationship Prize Pack, including:

  • Hardcopy of Raise Your Love Signal: A Guide to Attracting and Keeping the Love of Your Life, the insightful new relationship guide that shares practical wisdom and strategies for attracting and keeping true love. Value: $34.99
  • A one hour virtual session with Certified Love and Relationship expect Chantal Landreville to suit your unique needs, whether you’re looking for love or want to strengthen your current relationship. Value: $325

Please note: if you are the winner, you will receive a DM (direct message) in Instagram directly from @vitadailymedia. Please be wary of fake accounts, which often use similar handles with an extra or missing letter, number or symbol. We will never ask for a payment or for your credit card number, and we will never ask you to click through a link. If you are unsure whether you have been contacted, via Instagram, by us or a fake account, email us before responding.


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