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RRSP Matching Made Easy As 1-2-3

February 16, 2024

Do the four letters representing Registered Retirement Savings Plan (you know, RRSP, a plan that helps you save $$$ for your retirement) strike fear into your heart? Or, if not fear, some confusion? Not to worry, our pals at Wealthsimple, who offer an excellent and easy RRSP matching program, have put together three simple ways to save money, that’ll start you off on the right foot to achieving financial freedom. —Vita Daily

1. Contribute to Your Investments with Wealthsimple’s Match Program 

Making contributions to your TFSA and RRSP is good practice not only for saving money for the future, but it also means you get to take advantage of tax deductions from the government in the same year. The cherry on top? Within the month of February (a.k.a. RRSP season), any new investment account transfers to Wealthsimple will earn a 0.5% bonus on the sum of your transfers. What a winx3

2. Use a High-Interest Chequing Account 

  • 2024 outs: Everyday banking accounts with monthly fees.
  • 2024 ins: Wealthsimple’s High Interest Chequing account where you can enjoy $0 account fees, all the must-haves of a chequing account and earn 4% interest. (Girl math = we made money!) 

3. Create a Budget that Works for You 

Whether it’s setting intentions to cook meals at home more often or watching your shopping sprees more closely, creating a budget will help set some guidelines so you can be mindful when it comes to your money. 


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