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Get The Look: TikTok Trendiest Vids

February 17, 2024

My New Year’s resolution was to limit my time on social media, but it’s hard to completely ignore when there are so many cool looks and makeup applications ideas stemming from it. You’ll find everything from cool ways to apply makeup to products that can improve your entire skincare routine. We researched some of the biggest trends on websites like TikTok and Instagram—here’s what five of them are and how to achieve them. —Jennifer Cox

The Red Nail Theory

The idea here is that painting your nails a signature red is the secret code for a romance-filled life. The Red Nail Theory is a term coined by Robyn Delmonte @girlbosstown, and now trend-chasers are donning the reddest reds they can find on their fingernails. Only time will tell whether potential matchups are organic or because of those flashy red nails.

How to get it: Check out the different shades of red from essie, including Electric Geometric ($13, available at Walmart Canada), Rock The Runway, and Lady In Red.

Glowy Makeup

Having a shimmery glow to your look is all the rage for 2024. Thanks to countless videos online, everyone is looking to add a touch of sparkle to their cheeks. It lends itself to a soft, flushed look that’s delicate and oh so pretty.

How to get it: MERIT’s Day Glow Highlighting Balm ($44) has a vitamin-rich base that replenishes moisture for a stunning dewy glow. This product uses micro-fine pearls that reflect light to really illuminate the skin, and it’s also packed with vitamins, natural oils, and antioxidants.

Coquette Aesthetic

You’ll need a distinct girly side for this look because it’s all about soft, pink romanticism. Living up to its name (coquette means “to flirt”), the makeup you’ll want for this viral trend will be light and discrete – nothing too dramatic or harsh.

How to get it: Charlotte Tilbury’s Jewel Pot ($40) is a pink cream eyeshadow that adds pink diamond-like sparkle to light up your eyes. It’s formulated with multi-layered pearl pigments that reflect light for dazzling brilliance along with hyaluronic acid for super hydration.

Glazed Blush

Once again with an onus on luminosity, glazed blush has an ultra-flushed finish that really accentuates the face. It gives the appearance of lifting cheeks and also brightening the face all at once. It’s the perfect finish to your look, whether it’s casual or dressier.

How to get it: Light up your complexion with Laura Geller’s Serum Blush Cheek Tint ($28). It keeps skin hydrated and protected against moisture loss for youthful-looking, supple cheeks. You can dab it on easily without affecting the makeup underneath. Go for a natural flushed finish or build it up for a more pigmented look.

Dry Brushing

Give your skin a refresher by dry brushing your body. This process will help remove impurities and dead skin cells as well as unclog your pores. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and improves your circulation and energy levels. This is useful for proper scalp care too.

How to get it: The dry body brush from Simply Natural Canada ($25) is a plant-based dry body brush that will exfoliate dead skin so your skin feels smoother and rejuvenated. And because vegan bristles are firmer than animal hair, you’ll get better results. Simply use the dry brush gently and slowly once or twice a week before showers, and then treat your skin afterwards with a nourishing moisturizer or body oil.


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