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The Mom Flow: Tantrum Lessons + Energy Shift

February 25, 2024

Welcome to Friday Five, where I share five things that are on my mind in the hopes of helping you connect to your Mom Flow. Thanks for being here! —Erin Sousa

The most epic tantrum and figuring it out as we go

If you’re a mom, you’ve been there. Toddler tantrums. Now as lovely as Lola is, she is no stranger to throwing down. But in public? That’s never happened… until this past weekend. We were at a bday party, and if you know your kid, you see that moment when they start to turn. She was definitely getting overstimulated and while it was almost time to leave, it wasn’t soon enough. She had a balloon she wanted pop and the chaos ensued. She screamed one of her exorcist screams, and everyone spun around to stare. She howled, and screamed, and just wouldn’t stop. I’ve researched how to handle this situation; none of it was working. She was hitting, and nothing would calm her. Even the walk to the car, getting into the car seat, it was a MESS. The looks from strangers made me wonder if they thought I was kidnapping the poor kid. You know what I find hard? Is snapping back after the incident. Like they are SO over it and it’s like it never happened to them but I was a disaster – disappointed in her (and myself!), mad, and I told her I needed some space. She said the cutest thing: “anger and sadness go away after some time and the tears dry”. The day after (a day late and dollar short lemme tell ya) I listened to this episode of a podcast where Dr. Becky explains how to handle the exact situation I was in – it was SUCH a refreshing episode. Not just for the advice she gave but bc the host shared her own tantrum story that made me feel so relieved – it’s not just me. And sometimes that’s all we need. Someone to say, “I’ve been there. You aren’t failing as a mom”. So that’s why I’m sharing this story – you’re not alone.

A mini-work trip means new adventures

I’m spending a few days away from the fam in Whistler. I am being hosted by Land Rover for an event, and I have a client in Whistler so it’s a work trip, but I do get a few nights alone in a hotel bed so I’m going to enjoy it. Prepping for a trip like this defo takes some planning with childcare and schedule juggle. My in-laws are going to have Lola overnight at their place for the very first time and I know it’s always going to be ok but I absolutely get nervous about these firsts! More so bc I don’t want Lola to get sad or weird about it. I remember as a kid staying without my mom somewhere “new” and being homesick for her. As Lola’s getting older, it’s time to try new things and if this goes well, Roberto and I might even get a night by ourselves once in a while?! ETA: I just finished a long Thursday shooting a ton of client content and I even got to enjoy dinner and a few cocktails there. I’m finishing this from the hotel bed with season 6 of Love is Blind rolling on the telly.

Loving that energy shift

I can’t believe that it’s been almost two months since I started my life and work reset and I’m starting to see the results seriously pay off. I’m calmer, have created real peace in my life. I used to wake up quite anxious, just a feeling of overwhelm and almost dread. That is gone. Burnout is so real. I’ve let go of so much that wasn’t serving me and I know that sounds woo woo and vague but obviously I need to protect the privacy of others, so it needs to be. I’ve been able to move my body at least 5 days a week and I’m about to up that, now that the weather is nicer, getting outside for a walk or playtime with Lola is going to add to what I’m already doing. Sticking to my AG1, my protein shake in the morning, not having coffee until after I’ve consumed those, is seriously such a huge game changer – I have more energy, my mood is better… it’s really all adding up. Clearing things out has made so much space for new energy and I have new clients, new projects, and it feels good. I want to be strong and healthy for myself AND my fam and it’s going to be something I have to continue to build on.

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