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5 Cool Learning Chopsticks For Kids

March 3, 2024

Love sushi and can’t wait to share a California roll with your little? Here are five child-friendly chopsticks that will have your kid picking up sashimi like a pro. —Vita Daily

Learning to use chopsticks is fun and enjoyable with Lououlou Lollipop’s lovable animal-themed chopsticks ($14), designed with little hands in mind. The hinge and adjustable finger loops and thumb rest promote correct grasping technique while the wide and flat tips provide that extra control to keep those pesky peas from slipping away. Adorned with your child’s fave animal friend, these chopsticks will be the go-to eating utensil for that next mealtime adventure!

Chopsticks can be tricky to use, but don’t worry, Simpo has you covered! These adorable Montessori-inspired chopstick helpers ($25 at Cubos) are designed to assist kids in developing their fine motor skills and mastering the art of using chopsticks. Choose from four delightful options: Green Dinosaurs, Orange Dinosaurs, Pink Rabbit and Yellow Giraffe, all made with kid-friendly silicone. They are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and, with a length of 7 inches, are perfectly sized for little hands. Plus, these chopstick helpers come apart, allowing kids to practice with separated chopsticks and gradually progress to using them together.

At Gourmet Warehouse, find these easy to use chopsticks for kids featuring a colourful silicone holder: a green boy or orange girl ($5 each).

In Japan, it is customary to choose chopsticks of a size that is easy for children to use. Musubi Kiln has collected items that make it easy to find the right size for your growing child. We love these Ishida Kinza Heart Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks ($22), made of natural wood and lacquer, with gold Maki-e, a traditional technique. The upper part of the chopsticks is cut diagonally with a cute heart pattern decorated on it.

Or, choose to make your own learning chopsticks! Here’s a simple DIY guide to making your own learning chopsticks:

  • Start with a pair of child-sized chopsticks. These are typically shorter and easier for little hands to handle.
  • Take a rubber band and loop it around the top ends of the chopsticks, creating a connector. This will help keep the chopsticks together and provide a pivot point for movement.
  • Use small, soft items like cotton balls or pom-poms to the tips of the chopsticks. These will make it easier for the child to grasp and pick up objects. Attach them securely using glue.
  • If you want to make the learning chopsticks more visually appealing, consider decorating them. Allow your child to paint the chopsticks using non-toxic paints. You can add patterns, colors, or even personalize them with the child’s name.


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