Meet 2 Female Franchisees Of Doughbox

March 6, 2024

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this Friday, March 8, Doughbox Pizza is celebrating its franchisees Vini Kaur Sood and Manpreet Kaur. These women are owner operators of local franchises in London and St. Thomas, Ontario. Inspiring women with unique journeys and stories, Vini came to Canada as an international student, worked through many challenges, earned her real estate license and is now an entrepreneurial success story! She aims to build businesses where equality and diversity remain at the heart of the everyday. Manpreet began her career as an engineer with a dream for entrepreneurship and desire to support female entrepreneurs as they balance their personal and professional lives. Learn more about them below! —Noa Nichol

Vini Kaur Sood

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Vineet Kaur Sood. In 2006, I embarked on a journey to Canada as an international student, leaving behind my birthplace, friends, and family. Despite the daunting prospect of facing numerous challenges, I made this difficult decision for the sake of a brighter future. Since then, I have surmounted hurdles through dedicated study and hard work, forged new friendships, established successful businesses, got my Real Estate Salesperson License, found myself living in the home of my dreams, and I am blessed with a loving husband and two beautiful children! Today when I reflect on my journey, I feel so accomplished, complete and thankful to everyone around me!

How do you feel your role as a female franchisee contributes to empowering other women in business?

Entrepreneurship empowers women with the flexibility to shape and control their work hours and prioritize quality time with their families! The innate ability of women to infuse a personal touch into every transaction, be it interacting with customers or managing staff, sets them apart as successful entrepreneurs. I firmly believe that women possess the capability to achieve anything they set their minds to. With the right education, training, and unwavering dedication, any woman can transform her dreams into a tangible reality. The key lies in harnessing one’s potential and channeling it towards entrepreneurial pursuits, unlocking a world of possibilities and accomplishments.

Can you share a story about a significant milestone or achievement you’ve reached as a franchisee? 

Every day I achieve a milestone when I bring smile on customer’s face by giving them the best customer service, serving them with the freshest ingredients and see them enjoying the food as much as I enjoy it! Customers consistently express their satisfaction at Doughbox, and during my table interactions, their feedback consistently highlights the exceptional quality and freshness of our offerings. My biggest achievement is being recognized in our community!

As a female leader in your franchise, what initiatives do you take to promote a positive work culture for your employees, especially women? 

Being a female leader at my workplace, I have taken concrete steps to foster diversity and equality. Through a deliberate hiring strategy, we maintain a balanced workforce with equal representation of men and women. Cross-training has been implemented across all workstations, eradicating gender bias in job assignments, such as the misconception that only men can operate our wood-fired oven. We have diligently cultivated an inclusive atmosphere where every employee feels a sense of belonging and can authentically express themselves. In our commitment to empowering women in the workplace, we actively celebrate the unique qualities and skills they bring to their roles, acknowledging that each individual has a distinct narrative that shapes them. To further support women, we have instituted flexible working hours, enabling them to harmonize their responsibilities at work, at home, with family, and studies. This not only facilitates the balancing act but also promotes career progression and continual personal development.

Manpreet Kaur

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am an engineer who dreamt of being an entrepreneur. My father always encouraged me to aim high and continue to fuel my ambitions with higher education.

How do you feel your role as a female franchisee contributes to empowering other women in business?

I am trying to break all glass ceilings and competitive spirit amongst women and foster a sense cooperative workplace. I work with my team to encourage them and let them know that if I can do it so can they!

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to become franchisees or entrepreneurs?

For women aspiring to become entrepreneurs, my foremost advice is to embrace their authenticity, strength, and confidence. I firmly believe that a woman’s confidence, self-worth, and autonomy in decision-making can surmount any challenge, I advocate for the realization that, with these attributes, nothing is beyond reach.

As a female leader in your franchise, what initiatives do you take to promote a positive work culture for your employees, especially women? 

I want to create an environment of support for women and counselling for women in and out of business.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future of your franchise business

I want to build a business and become a business tycoon in order to inspire other female entrepreneurs.


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