Campbell’s Has Reimagined Its Iconic Can Through The Power Of AI

March 8, 2024

As AI continues to revolutionize our world, its power are also being used to reimagine art and create masterful paintings. A beloved food brand and art icon since the 1960s, Campbell’s is showing how it continues to inspire the artistic culture today and into the future by leveraging emerging AI capabilities to reimagine its cans once again.  

Deep-rooted in art and pop culture, Campbell’s has introduced its “pAIntings” in Canada—a fun and innovative new initiative that brings to life engaging visualizations of how the iconic Campbell’s cans could have been painted in the popular styles of artistic masters of the past—all using AI. Showcasing artistic styles like surrealism and abstract, Campbell’s pAIntings combine tradition with modernity. Staying true to its history, Campbell’s aims to tap into today’s culture with pAIntings.  

Starting this week, art admirers and Torontonians alike will take notice of the pAInting’s on digital TSAs throughout the city. Campbell’s Canada Instagram feed is also being transformed into a virtual gallery featuring over a dozen of the re-imagined artistic AI outputs. Art lovers and collectors will have the chance to win a limited run print by visiting the Campbells Canada Instagram page during the duration of the campaign (starting March 15).  

“Campbell’s soup is a brand grounded in a great deal of tradition,” Mackenzie Davison, VP of marketing at Campbell Company of Canada says, “but it’s equally important to evolve and engage with modern trends to continue to stay relevant today and for years to come. Campbell’s pAIntings immediately drew us in as a way to tap into today’s culture that stays true to the brand’s history.” —Vita Daily


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