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The Mom Flow: Current Addiction + Solid Habits

March 10, 2024

Welcome to Friday Five, where I share things that are on my mind in the hopes of helping you connect to your Mom Flow. Thanks for being here! —Erin Sousa

From Reset to Real Life

As you all know (and may be sick of hearing) 2024 kicked off a work and life reset for me. What that meant was peeling back my work contracts, re-establishing my why, what I loved to do, bringing in new energy, focusing on my own brands (Sousa Creative Co. and MILA Media), and yes, that meant making less money, and shaking up the security I was completely addicted to. My work was starting to align too closely with my worth, and keeping up to a crazy output was catching up to me. It had severe impacts on my health and peeling back allowed me to focus on my health more wholeheartedly. I understand that this comes from a place of privilege in a way, because many cannot make this choice due to necessity, but I do invite you to think a different way and maybe consider what you CAN peel back and how much of this thinking is our own construct. Being stuck in fight or flight can do this to a person. Maybe we “thrive” in the chaos bc that is what is comfortable. Well, it’s been a full two months, and in speaking to my friend the other day, she said something that made me feel, well, proud. She said that it takes 60 days to form a habit, and now that I’ve made these new habits, it’s no longer a reset. “It’s just Erin now.” I didn’t think of it like that, but it made me feel so so good about consistently putting in the work. Kind of nice to sometimes reflect on our wins, ya know?

What We’re Watching

So what are we all watching these days?! I have an hour of TV each night (an aside: this is so funny to me, because I feel like before Lola I watched so much more TV… now I totally get it when people say they don’t have time for TV. That said, you’ll have to rip the Real Housewives out of my cold, dead hands). It still feels like we are in the depths of winter, even if we spring forward this weekend (is daylight savings not just the absolute worst?!). I’ve been into Love is Blind, we just finished season 2 of The Bear which we liked a lot (and it’s a good couples show). Obvs, Real Housewives and Vanderpump, but we could use a new show in rotation for sure.

New Tweak to My Movement Routine

I switched up something in my movement routine and I think it’s been really giving me a mood boost! First of all, movement has been so freaking huge in making me feel better overall… we all know this but it’s been so hard for me to stick to this in the past. Usually, because of the weather, and honestly, bc sometimes it feels easier/less daunting (that has been essential to me as I’ve incorporated all of the wellness stuff so I don’t just crash and burn prematurely) I would hop on the treadmill in our building gym. This week, I’ve taken it outside! I find the treadmill can feel a little boring sometimes and I find myself looking at the clock over and over. The fresh air, sights and sounds really is so good for the soul. Plus, I like the visual of how far I’ve walked, and I always end up doing more than the usual treadmill 20. Oh, and I hit the hills hard on my walk – love looking down to see how far I’ve climbed, Anywayyyys, just a reminder to change it up and find the movement that feels good for you.

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