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This Rum Was Made For Coffee Lovers

March 11, 2024

Ever dream you could pour yourself a cocktail that also offers you a coffee fix? Your wish has been granted! Cloud House premium rum liqueur (at BCLS and LCBO) is infused with hand-harvested Colombian coffee for a delicious twist to classic cocktails.

The drink was manifested through a vision of its master blender: to create a combination of premium coffee and premium rum that’s never been done before. To source his ingredients, he made his way to an isolated, almost hidden jewel lying between the Caribbean Ocean and the world’s tallest coastal mountain range: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia (a.k.a. the Mecca of coffee). This secret spot, known only to locals, is called the Cloud House; it’s surrounded by independent farms growing 100 per cent Arabica coffee beans. The combination of high altitude and proximity to the Caribbean makes the coffee in this area more concentrated in rich, intense flavours. It’s also very rare; the area only yields one harvest per year, and each bottle of Cloud House contains more than 1,000 of these special beans. Next, master coffee blenders carefully nurture the flavour of these rare beans by cold brewing them. Cold brewing coffee is a slow process; it can take up to 24 hours, but enhances the rich, Arabica coffee taste, resulting in a brighter, less bitter and more flavourful coffee blend.

In terms of the rum, this comes from Colombia’s oldest indpendent producer; it is aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels right at sea level, making it deep in flavour, with salted-caramel notes and a sweet finish. The rum and the cold-brew coffee are combined carefully in very small batches, to make the perfect drink. It can be served as a Cloud House Negroni, Cloud House Espresso Martini or Cloud House Coffee Tonic (check out this recipe below). Cheers! —Vita Daily

Cloud House Coffee Tonic

1 oz. Cloud House
3 oz Toni Water
Garnish: orange twist

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add three parts tonic water. Add one part Cloud House. Garnish with an Orange twist.


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