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5 Beautiful Headbands

March 21, 2024

We’re excited to report that: headbands are back! Headbands, that wonderful hair accessory that comes and goes decade to decade is here in 2024 and it looks like it’s going to stay put for a while. Headbands can be a tousled girls’ best friend, turning dishevelled bedhead into something much more polished and sleek. Here are five beautiful headbands to get back on this hair trend train. —Jennifer Cox

The Everly Floral Quilted Knot Headband from Anthropologie ($22) is adorable! Not only is it well made but it is padded and very comfortable to wear. Dress it up or dress it down – with this interchangeable flowery print, it can go either way.

Simons’ Knotted velvet headband ($15) is made of textured fabrics to give it major visual appeal, and it comes in two statement-making colours. Featuring a darling knot detail on top, it’s a headband that’s easy to wear since it doesn’t pull your hair or squeeze your head but stays securely in place.

The Kitsch Padded Velvet Headband from Mat&Max ($17) comes in this pretty blush colour, which is perfect for springtime. This classic headband is a must-have for completing a cute casual look, or if you just want to simply get the hair out of your face.

The Brass Satin Headband from Chelsea King ($65) comes in a dreamy, soft bronze satin that can actually be beneficial to your hair. Satin contributes to healthy locks by reducing and preventing frizz, tangles, kinking, and breakage, and maintaining your hair’s moisture and natural oils. This headband is also designed to be extremely lightweight.

You know That Simple Velvet Hard Headband? The one from Free People ($24)? It’s chic in silky smooth velvet and comes in seven bold colours. We especially like the unique twisted design. It can be worn on top of the head or pushed back to partition the hair. And it’s very comfortable to wear too.


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