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4 Powerful Practices To Support Inner Alignment In Your Life

March 22, 2024

Alignment is the trending buzzword, but what does it even mean? Well, considering that 75 per cent of adults say they’re unfilled in their jobs, the average person spends seven hours of their day online,  and anxiety is at an all time high, it’s easier to grasp the concept of being out of alignment. That feeling of being disconnected from a sense of inner peace, clarity and purpose. Living in alignment is the opposite of this. It’s coming home to your most authentic, connected, peaceful and purposeful state of being. 

While it may not even be possible to feel aligned all of the time, there are some tried and true (i.e., ancient) practices that people throughout the ages have turned to for inner peace and clarity. If you’re ready to release the pressures of the world, and learn to source your power and purpose from within, here are four powerful practices designed to support people in living their highest alignment. All of these are part of Head + Heart’s signature course, The Alignment Activation which starts April 3. 


In a breathwork practice, as we create a current of breath within the body for an extended period of time, our breath itself helps to excavate painful or discordant energies and emotions that are being carried in the body. Through the principle of entrainment, breathwork is a form of vibrational medicine, that actually helps to bring those denser emotions like anxiety and fear into harmony with the higher vibrational state of the breath, thereby shifting patterns of fear and anxiety into patterns of self acceptance and love. 


Finding safety and peace within the body isn’t easy in a world where most of us feel a sense of control by living in the mind. Angela prider explains in this podcast that somatic counselling is the path to freedom as we can’t live a whole life when we aren’t fully inhabiting our body. Somatic processing is a powerful way to meet and shift any and all limiting beliefs and fears that have kept us playing small, so that we can expand into a more purposeful, alive life. 

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is key. We are all energetic beings. When we learn to attune to our energetic body, to work with our chakras, we can become more aware of how energy works, and even become magnetic to what we desire. Purnima Chaudhari is a powerful Reiki master who’ll be leading an energy healing session inside The Alignment Activation.


When we lose our intuitive connection, life can become chaotic and unclear. Connecting with our own intuition and higher guidance is key to coming back to full vitality. 

If alignment is calling you, all of these practices are available to support you in returning to inner harmony. And if you’re looking for guidance, The Alignment Activation starts April 3 and offers seven weeks of deep guidance and support. 

Written by Monica Krake, certified Breathwork Practitioner and founder of Head + Heart. Monica helps people get clear on their purpose and bring it to life in the most aligned way via  The Alignment Activation + spiritual website creation.


  1. Jennifer

    March 26th, 2024 at 12:12 am

    Thank you for sharing this list. I have found somatic counseling to be a remarkable tool for inner awareness.

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