What To Sip During Easter Brunch, Dinner & Egg Hunt

March 25, 2024

So many meals and so many foods served this time of year, but what is best paired with what? From brunch to dinner, and onward to the all-important chocolate eggs and bunnies for dessert, we rounded up some great ideas to make your Easter a weekend of feasting even better with these just right wine pairings. —Catherine Dunwoody

Easter Dinner

Traditionally a nice slow-roasted ham with a sidekick of creamy scalloped potatoes and fresh asparagus is served. More of a roast turkey or lamb as your main kinda cook? We have ideas for that, too.

Solvero Pinot Noir  is a lovely choice from the Okanagan, and this red is not too overbearing, so it pairs well with any of the above-mentioned roasts.

Another great option is the Stags Leap Petit Sirah from Napa, which just seems made for a savoury lamb dish and holds up well.

Since ham is a fairly salty meat, an off-dry BC Riesling makes a great choice. Consider See Ya Later Ranch 2022 Riesling to play off that and stand up to those creamy buttery scalloped potatoes.

Cedar Creek Estate Riesling is well-rounded and just right with Easter ham and bright spring vegetables.

Easter Brunch

How about eggs benedict with lemony hollandaise and crabmeat? Or perhaps a fresh spring vegetable frittata. Wine pairings are important here as well.

Saintly Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, zesty Sauvignon Blanc that dances with that citrusy hollandaise beautifully.  

Rodney Strong Sonoma Chardonnay is always a solid choice for brunches, especially if you’re serving an egg dish with a lively salad.

Mission Hill Perpetua makes an idea hostess gift too. Bring a beautiful bottle of this to brunch and you’ll be deemed the guest that is always invited, every year.

Chocolate Easter Eggs

For some, that is dessert in itself. Others will serve a nice light Angel food cake, or a cheese course. Ideas on what to sip with. Here goes:

Rara Avis Echo Haskap   is so unique you must give it a go, especially if you’re serving a cheese platter for dessert. This fortified wine made from the haskap berry results in a sipper that seems slightly exotic.

Township 7 Benchmark Series 2020 McMillan Fortified Muscat, is the dessert wine dislikers’ dessert wine. Meaning, this one is not too sweet and doesn’t overwhelm desserts, but instead plays nicely.

Not a wine, but a sexy sipper for après dinner, this is the ultimate in Italian Amaro, the classic Montenegro.

Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny is lovely with dessert, or on its own. Hosts receiving this from any guest will be taken aback in a very, very good way.


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