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The Heat Is On

March 26, 2024

When ORIBE said it was launching a new heat protective spray, frankly, our response was “big woop.” We’ve been using those practically since our first pair of GHDs, just about the same time as Jennifer Aniston ditched The Rachel and everyone went crazy for poker-straight hair. And then we tried this stuff—the Gold Lust Dry Heat Protection Spray—and, well, we get it.

First of all, this can be applied to dry hair and goes on dry, unlike many heat protection sprays we’ve tried, which require you to spray on damp hair and/or make your hair slightly damp. This one instantly protects hair from heat styling tools that get as hot as 450 deg C.

Second, it’s a perfect partner as you go into the summer because it protects you from the heat of the sun as well as styling. “I recently was in Puerto Rico for a photoshoot and my first thought was to use it on my models for UV protection,” explains Oribe brand ambassador Andrew Ly (a Montreal-based editorial hairstylist). “This product is a must have for outdoors when the sun is out.”

Third, it has a tonne of haircare ingredients—plant collagen and macadamia oil to smooth and condition, plus ingredients that are said to restore the hair from inside the cuticle, which is why Ly says he treats it as skincare for hair.

And fourth, it has multiple uses—as well as heat protection, you can use it as a dry conditioner to refresh your style and defrizz if humidity or life have made your hair into a birds’ nest (this really works).

Expert tip: Ly says the best way to use it is to section hair, shake the can and spray each section from foots to ends. “Give it a good thorough brushing with your Oribe paddle brush to distribute the product evenly before you use your hot tools,” he says. Sounds too much like hard work? We’ve found plenty of success from simply spraying it randomly over our hair, tousling it with our fingertips, and getting on with our days. It looks—and smells—lovely. Big woop, for real. —Aileen Lalor


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