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Check Out The Loneliest Color By Sherwin-Williams

April 4, 2024

Set for a sad paint story with a happy ending? Sherwin-Wiliams has unveiled a new campaign that challenges traditional colour trend forecasting and sheds light on its least popular colour: Kingdom Gold SW 6698, dubbed The Loneliest Color.

In partnership with fashion icon Dapper Dan, The Loneliest Color showcases how colour can transcend from home and design into fashion through a collection of one-of-a-kind wearable art developed by Dap. The collection features a variety of apparel, footwear, outerwear and accessories and are up for auction on eBay now!

The campaign celebrates uniqueness, revels in risk-taking designs, and rediscovers the beauty of colours through the lens of the inaugural Loneliest Color, Kingdom Gold SW 6698.  The spirit of The Loneliest Color comes at a time when all Color of the Year hues have been popularized throughout the industry, and instead embraces a different approach: to be unapologetic about style and design choices, and embrace Kingdom Gold or any colour that is personal, not just popular.

“Something I’ve learned throughout my career is the power of staying true to our individuality and not conforming to what’s agreeable.  In design and fashion, every color has the potential to tell a story, change perspectives, and inspire us – it’s about staying present so you can discover, or sometimes rediscover beauty in places you may have initially overlooked,” says Dan. “As creative director of The Loneliest Color, I’m focused on championing the potential of what was once the least popular color in order to celebrate the magic of what it can become when given a chance in the spotlight.” —Vita Daily


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