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A New Way To Support Babies + Moms In Need

April 5, 2024

Friend and VITA contributor Lauren Walker- Lee has launched The Love Club in support of babies and mothers in need. This new grass roots charitable project will create and provide baby clothing to registered non- profits in the Greater Toronto Area. 

The Love Club (also in its infancy) began with an idea shortly after the birth of Lauren’s first baby in December 2023. After helping a local new mom like herself she couldn’t stop thinking about what else she could do. Wanting to connect the dots in a meaningful way between her network in the fashion industry, the initiative has started with the simple premise of Make Product Get Product Give Product, providing both the necessities, and the nice to haves to both mom and baby.

The approach is two fold, one being the creation of their own in-house small-batch babywear line, and two, seeking merchandise donations from brands big and small. The babywear line aptly named Club Kid will use end of roll and dead stock fabric that may have been otherwise discarded or gone unused. Vancouver’s KenDor Textiles is the inaugural donor of baby appropriate fabric, and who have lead the charge for the use of eco fabrics widely in the Canadian textile landscape.

“The idea came into shape very fast,” says Lauren.  “I just started with a couple of phone calls to see if the idea had legs. Through a very kismet way I was connected to Paul King at KenDor Textiles who was extremely supportive, followed by a vote of confidence from Cara Kaye at George Brown College Fashion & Jewellery studies who put out a call for sewers. It organically started rolling but there is a lot to learn and accomplish.”

After connecting with a few registered charities who support babies and mothers the need was evident and The Love Club was born. Only scratching the surface, the grassroots charity initiative is aiming to be a hub of getting and giving to the established non-profits doing the very hard work on the ground. The first partners are Rosalie Hall in support of pregnant and parenting youth, Hamilton’s The Baby Depot (who provide 300 women per annum with a year’s worth of clothing and baby gear) and Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter for those escaping domestic violence. 

“The fashion industry is fun, fabulous and at times spoken of as frivolous, but at the end of the day clothing is both a necessity and offers a sense of pride and dignity. I am very grateful that my first donation pledges are coming from two top national Canadian brands Aldo and RW&Co.’s Thyme Maternity, whose donation of product will go a long way in terms of uplifting the moms,” Lauren says.

The Love Club believes there are many ways to connect the dots between the various sectors of the industry, the wider public and those in need to create a sustainable initiative that connects clothing, community and collaboration. By pooling the talent, resources, and like minds in Canada, a lot can be accomplished to clothe every baby with love.

For more information or to get involved please visit. Lauren and The Love Club would love to hear from you. —Vita Daily


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