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Canadian Artist & Environmentalist Meg O’Hara Is Baffin’s New Brand Ambassador

April 5, 2024

Canadian cold-climate footwear and apparel brand Baffin welcomed new ambassador Meg O’Hara, who last month embarked on Icelandic Odyssey—an expedition focused on ocean conservation and the preservation of polar and sub-polar environments. An artist and environmentalist, Meg travelled to Iceland with Baffin as her official footwear and apparel sponsor. This partnership symbolizes an enthusiastic alliance between two entities united by a common goal: to motivate individuals to explore the wonders of nature and recognize the importance of its conservation. We spoke with Meg to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Hi Meg! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

Hello! My name is Meg O’Hara and I am an artist and environmentalist. My work is based on ocean conservation in the polar and sub-polar regions.

You recently returned from Icelandic Odyssey, an expedition focused on ocean conservation and the preservation of polar and sub-polar environments. Can you tell us about the trip?!

Absolutely! The Icelandic Odyssey was an incredible journey filled with education and impact. When I touched down in Reykjavík, I was greeted by a breathtaking views of a volcanic eruption, providing a perfect introduction to Iceland’s natural wonders.

My first day in Iceland started with a one-on-one meeting with Ambassador Jeannette Menzies, the Canadian Ambassador to Iceland. Our discussions delved deep into Arctic policy, ocean conservation, and the unique landscape of Iceland.

Following our enlightening exchange, Ambassador Menzies hosted me at the Embassy of Canada to Iceland where I had the opportunity to engage with her team. I shared insight into my work, learned about Arctic policy, and gained invaluable perspectives on the climate change challenges facing Iceland.

Following Reykjavík I headed down to the South Coast, a unique landscape teeming with ice formations at the interaction of glaciers and volcanoes. Notably, Iceland boasts Europe’s largest sub-polar glacier, making it an unparalleled destination for studying ice dynamics.

My days on the South Coast were spent exploring, from the captivating Sólheimajökull glacier, to the ethereal Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, to the enchanting Diamond Beach. These icy landscapes offered profound insights into the intricate relationship between glaciers and the ocean, serving as valuable reminders of the urgent need for climate action to safeguard our planet’s vulnerable ecosystems.

How did the partnership with Baffin come about and, as an artist and environmentalist, why was it a good fit for you?

The partnership with Baffin came from my lifelong love affair with their products—going back to my days as a Canadian kid who loved to play in the snow! Baffin boots have been my trusty sidekick on all cold weather expeditions, always warm and reliable. Not only do I love the product, but I respect that Baffin is a longtime brand partner for the environmental non-profit Protect Our Winters Canada — I have been an Ambassador for the cause since 2018.

So, when the Icelandic Odyssey came knocking, it was a no-brainer to enlist Baffin’s support. Not only did I need their gear to tackle Iceland’s icy conditions, but we also saw a perfect opportunity to team up and spread the word about Protect Our Winters and the importance of ocean conservation.

What Baffin gear did you utilize on your trip, and how did it perform?

On my Icelandic Odyssey, my Baffin gear proved to be an absolute game-changer, especially when it came to keeping my feet cozy and dry amidst the chilly Icelandic landscapes. Let me break it down for you:

First up, the Liberty Boots were my go-to for tackling various terrains, including hiking on glaciers. Their versatility and insulation kept my feet warm and protected, no matter the conditions.

Next in line were the Pond Boots, my newfound favourites for rainy days. These versatile rain boots were perfect for exploring along the shoreline, offering waterproof protection and comfort.

Last was the Cabin Slippers, with their cozy down insulation and sturdy soles, they were ideal for sunny days spent exploring Diamond Beach.

My Baffin gear didn’t stop at boots. I also brought along some trusty glove liners and socks, which proved to be lifesavers. The liners, perfect for everyday wear, provided an extra layer of warmth under my gloves, ensuring comfort throughout the journey.

Knowing that Baffin products undergo rigorous testing in harsh climates, I had full confidence in their performance. It’s safe to say that these newfound essentials have earned their spot as my go-to gear for future expeditions!

How do you hope to inspire/motivate individuals when it comes to nature and conservation?

I aim to inspire others to seek adventure in nature, and reflect on their role in preserving it. Through the series of paintings I will make following this expedition, I hope to ignite a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world, encouraging people to explore, connect with, and ultimately protect our planet and its precious ecosystems.


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