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Chin Up: The Future Of Double-Chin Treatments Is Here

April 10, 2024

There’s a new and revolutionary double-chin treatment available to Canadians, and it’s a “face-changer.”

Created by medical and aesthetic equipment manufacturer BTL, the procedure, called EMFACE® submentum, has been brought to Canada and is now available in Toronto thanks to TMB Cosmetic Surgery. This leading clinic for luxury aesthetic beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery is headed up by Dr. Trevor Born—one of North America’s top plastic surgeons, who has garnered a global reputation for his high-tech, meticulous and skilled approach to cosmetic treatments.

“At TMB Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on being early movers in bringing excellent technology to the Canadian market,” says Dr. Born, who is well-known for bringing cutting-edge solutions to his clinic. “Patients are looking for effective, impactful options that are non-invasive and require no-downtime. The EMFACE® submentum applicators are a perfect technology to address facial sculpting by way of minimizing the appearance of a double chin.”

Harnessing the power of special, patented technology for facial muscle toning and double-chin fat reduction, EMFACE® submentum applicators represent an innovation that’s poised to finally address the challenges of treating the double-chin area. Designed to prioritize patient comfort and ease, the applicators offer a needle-free and bruise-free solution with zero recovery time. In fact, EMFACE® is the only non-invasive procedure that targets the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin as well as reducing excess fat for better contour, while toning and strengthening the supporting muscles. Translation? Addressing skin, fat and now, for the first time, muscle, means that patients will experience a firmer and more enhanced appearance of the chin area.

“Increasingly, my clients are seeking treatments that provide real results with limited downtime,” explains Dr. Born. “Being able to offer this innovation from BTL, which addresses all causes of double-chin concerns like never before, is going to be a game-changer. The treatment works by targeting every layer of the skin to reduce a double chin, providing exceptional results in record time. Paired with other treatments, I believe this will revolutionize the way we look at treating facial aging in the future.” He adds.

More information about the double chin treatment with EMFACE® can be found at To book a treatment with Dr. Born, visit TMB Cosmetic Surgery at Be sure to follow TMB and Dr. Born on Instagram, as they work to bring more new innovations in aesthetics and cosmetics surgeries to Canada: @trevorbornmd and @tmbcosmeticsurgery. —Vita Daily


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