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Celebrate Earth Day With Vancouver’s Sustainable, Pre-loved Fashion Scene

April 15, 2024

According to a 2022 article, 92 million tons of clothes-related waste is discarded globally and more than $500 billion is lost every year through fast fashion. Upcycling, thrifting and choosing pre-loved clothing not only adds unique character to your wardrobe, it reduces environmental impact. Vintage clothing promotes a circular economy by extending the life cycle of garments and reducing the demand for new production. Shopping local and pre-loved fashion is also the best way to show up in a distinctive style that stands out from mass-produced clothing. To celebrate Earth Day coming up on Monday April 22, check out one of these top vintage boutiques in Vancouver. —Jenn Wint


Revival offers a handpicked collection of unique vintage statement pieces, homewares and gifts. Timeless fashion and sustainability enthusiasts love the carefully curated collections from brands like Ciao Bella and Vintage Vixen. Revival celebrates the rich history of style bringing clothing, jewelry, and bags back to life through its extensive selection of authentic vintage pieces. 
2408 Main Street, Vancouver

Turnabout Community

As Canada’s first luxury clothing re-seller to add an entirely not-for-profit location, Turnabout Community is the fundraising store for Turnabout Luxury Resale. They offer the latest trends in pre-loved fashion at accessible prices. Turnabout Community donates all net profits to Dress for Success Vancouver.  

4180 Fraser Street, Vancouver

Community Thrift

Since 2011 Community Thrift & Vintage has been a staple social enterprise and pre-loved local fashion outlet. Offering a tightly edited collection of recycled fashion, they support at-risk people through community donations. Across two locations find a range of vintage dresses, shoes, accessories, denim jackets, graphic tees, and outerwear. 

11 W Hastings Street, Vancouver
311 Carrall Street, Vancouver

The Storehouse

This vibrant, friendly, and thoughtfully curated boutique is home to over 80 independent, pre-loved and eco-friendly local businesses. Shop local, vintage, sustainable, and handmade goods from brands like Hardwear Vintage and Endless Rodeo Vintage.

4332 Main Street, Vancouver

Hunter and Hare

Hunter & Hare is a community consignment store offering quality, and stylish pre-loved and vintage pieces for both adults and children. They also carry a unique collection of jewelry, eco-friendly self-care and select paper and print products. Hunter & Hare create space to find pieces that match and enhance your personal and natural style.

225 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
227 Union Street, Vancouver

Fish Market Studio

Fish Market Studio is a culmination of local brands Rcthrifts and New.Tmrw, blending streetwear, vintage, hype and designer all under one roof. They curate timeless, authentic, handpicked vintage treasures that resonate with the present climate of fashion but inspire a sustainable and mindful way of living.

2410 Main Street, Vancouver

Rewind Resale

Rewind Resale encourages creativity and exploration of personal style experimenting with different eras, styles, and trends. This designer vintage thrift store and resale shop offers an eclectic variety of streetwear, skatewear, workwear, 90s/y2k vintage and styles.

2331 Main Street, Vancouver
1959 152nd Street, Surrey

Little Earth

For the kiddies! Little Earth is a sustainable children’s clothing and toy store offering gently-loved baby and children’s consignment items. They also carry new, carefully selected products from local small businesses. Their eco-friendly and community-minded approach is parent-approved.  

1009 Commercial Drive, Vancouver


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