4 Fun Texting Tips With The Simply Spiked Hotline

April 16, 2024

Whether it’s flirting with a crush or keeping in touch with loved ones, adding flavour to our messages through a favourite emoji has become second nature. But as commonplace as emojis are across generations, Simply Spiked found we don’t all interpret them the same way. From Gen Zs to seniors, the beverage brand recently surveyed texters across the country and found that only 65% of Canadians 44+ said they were aware of double entendres when using emojis. To launch their new Peach variety pack, Simply Spiked emphasises that context matters with cheeky emojis like the peach. Learn how to ‘Peach Responsibly’ through this video, and with the top texting tips from Simply Spiked Peach, below. —Vita Daily

Emoji Use

You may be innocently texting about produce, but keep in mind that not everyone is aware of the double entendre of emojis. Be extra careful with emojis like the peach and eggplant, as the survey commissioned by Simply Spiked Peach found that half of Canadians ages 60+ don’t recognize its double entendre.

Know your Audience

If you’re texting a grandparent, better to stick to words. That way, you’ll avoid an awkward conversation, as 31% of Canadians ages 19-34 have had to explain what an emoji means to an older person in their life. Or arguably more embarrassing, you could find yourself accidentally sending an emoji to a Gen Z that’s so last month’s TikTok trends. 

Text the Hotline

Run that saucy text to a crush by Simply Spiked Peach first, to make sure you know how to ‘Peach Responsibly’. For more tips, Canadians can text the peach emoji (“🍑”) to 1-855-691-GENZ (4369) today, to get real Gen Z advice on best text practice and how to use the juiciest emojis in their text conversations.

Take Things Offline

If the conversation goes well, why not take things offline and pick up a pack of the new Simply Spiked Peach flavours to enjoy with your favourite contact? With 5% real fruit juice, the Simply Spiked Signature Peach, Strawberry Peach and Kiwi Peach flavours are available at retail stores across Canada and set to be the new favourite cooler among peach-appreciating Canadians of legal drinking age.


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