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7 Sustainable Skincare Initiatives

April 19, 2024

We admire today’s leading beauty brands who have shown dedication to keep our planet as healthy as our skin. In the truest sense of clean cosmetics, learn more about how these seven brands’ standout products make strides towards protecting the planet this earth day. —Julia Dumbrell

The entire Peace Out product lineup meets the Clean at Sephora guidelines, with entirely vegan, PETA-certified and cruelty-free ingredients. Selecting their peace-and-love inspired products, like the Acne Gel Cleanser, support the brand’s green thumbed commitment to plant 500+ trees per month via global reforestation nonprofit, One Tree Planted ($39).

Each of the Sonäge products are honoured with the gold standard in health and wellness certification, aligning with EWG Verified™ standards. To minimise packaging waste and their carbon footprint, Sonäge has also teamed up with the Eco Packaging Alliance to use environmentally sustainable packaging and print their information directly on their bottles. The vegan Collagen Boosting Serum is in our current rotation, with plant-based skin plumping and wrinkle filling powers ($48).

L’Occitane is a B-Corp™ certified brand, offering products enriched with traceable ingredients and a strong commitment to accessible sustainability. We love how the brand reuses, upcycles and recycles waste in partnership with TerraCycle, and offers refillable packing for best-selling products like their long-beloved Shower Oil ($54).

As Omy Lab’s founder Rachelle Séguin wrote, Omy Lab ‘allows people to experience an evolving formula tailored to the seasons and the changes in our lives.’ This leads to products we actually follow through on refilling, like the Personalized Serum with 5% Niacinamide ($85). A women-run, local distribution-prioritising, vegan and carbon-neutral brand, these attributes have also contributed to Omy Lab earning its B-Corp certification.

In honour of Earth Month, NUDESTIX has partnered with The Canopy Project to plant one tree for each NUDE BEACH EYE PALETTE sold ($85). Helping contribute to the protection of our environment and natural resources, the sandy shore-inspired palette inspires with clean and vegan ingredients, while supporting a meaningful cause.

Dermalogica has just launched an ambitious new ‘Healthy Skin, Healthy Planet initiative’, with commitments including replacing key ingredients for plant-based versions to ensure sustainability, refillable products, recyclable cleansers and FSC Certification. To simplify recycling, the Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser’s container uses an innovative single material recyclable pump, and is made from 50% post-consumer-recycled plastic ($96).

As the biomedical pros behind our go-to Triple Pro-Retinol Renewal Cream, BABOR prides itself on its sustainability commitments including ocean cleanup, bee conservation and more($185). One initiative we love is their support of the international Plastic Bank initiative, which empowers people in Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines to collect plastic from beaches and turn it into social plastic for new products. The BABOR website outlines further commitments in their robust GREEN Agenda.


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