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The Mom Flow: A HUGE Milestone + Partner Connection

April 28, 2024

Welcome to Friday Five, where I share things that are on my mind in the hopes of helping you connect to your Mom Flow. Thanks for being here! —Erin Sousa

A huge milestone

I’ve been consumed with the sale of our home. Holy moly, I couldn’t use the right words or enough of them to describe exactly what it’s been like, but we listed and sold within ONE week! The back and forth, the documents, the what ifs, the uprooting our lives. And… we also purchased at the SAME TIME! I haven’t even talked about this piece at all yet because I’ve been extremely sensitive to the deal and there is so much more I want to share so so soon. For now, I will say that the whole way this happened just felt so natural and it’s something I’ve been, shall I say, manifesting for a few years. Quietly pondering, sensing change, picturing what it would look like for us… having my own upper limiting beliefs (thinking it wouldn’t be possible, something so great could never be for us) and while it was so daunting, scary and felt impossible at times, we managed to sell and buy within 10 days in arguably the most expensive city in North America with an extremely tough market. And now? Mom Flow activate because your girl needs to get this show on the road – 5 weeks until we MOVE!

The first Mom Flow event

I am so excited to be doing my very first Mom Flow event next week! I’ve always wanted The Mom Flow to grow and shift and bring a community together in some way and events is one way for me to do this! I’m teaming up with VITA Magazine to host a group of moms who inspire us – these are moms in our industry that have influence to effect changes in perceptions and ideas around the motherhood experience. Effecting some change is my goal! The event is called Mom Day and has been so fun to plan and will be an evening of real mom convos, the good, the bad, the ugly… the scary to say out loud, along with some pampering and dinner. I’ll defo share all about it on IG if you’re into seeing it all go down. I really hope to do something bigger down the road that opens it up to you! Thanks so much to Shangri-La Hotel and COAST Restaurant for hosting Mom Day.

Connection brings contentment

When was the last time you kissed your partner hello or goodbye? Life can get so demanding and the connection points throughout the day can get missed. I heard someone say recently that no matter where you are or what you’re doing in the house, you always need to come and meet your partner at the door and give them a hug and kiss to acknowledge them. That really stuck for me. It always sets me off on the wrong foot when I get home and Roberto doesn’t make the effort to acknowledge me. It makes me feel loved and special when he does! The other day, he was leaving for work, I was in the kitchen, and I turned around and said bye. He said bye. We looked at each other, both knowing it felt off not actually kissing each other goodbye, but not breaking the poker face. I could tell he was hesitating and so was I, so I rushed over and we laughed, saying that we both felt we missed it. No matter what, the connection is imperative to both of us having a good day and feeling, well, connected.

Adapting as a mom

The biggest surprise of motherhood for me continues to be adaptability! As in, the way these little beings can blow up your week with a bug. I’d say it’s probs one of my biggest struggles in this season of motherhood – having to adapt my days to the unexpected. It can be really hard for me to not feel frustrated but also be kind to myself when I DO feel frustrated because it is hard. The narrative around motherhood is that we’re supposed to always be so selfless and not actually feel like we aren’t into being so selfless. It’s actually important to talk more about it because shame builds up when you have feelings you think no one else does. So, ya, it can really suck to have to be the adaptable one all the time. And I love my kid. Both things are true!

A few things you might like

It goes without saying that we are on a maaaaajah spending freeze right now! I told Roberto that he will be making his coffee at home for the foreseeable future. We are going to Portugal in June so any pennies will be allocated there. So, let’s dedicate this week’s spot to summer travel, and experiences instead of more things!

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