5 Planners & Journals For Mom This Mother’s Day 

April 30, 2024

For the mom that loves putting pen to paper, there is nothing more enjoyable than a beautiful planner or journal to hold in her hands. Better still is the satisfaction of crossing tasks off the to-do list with a definitive pen stroke. Planners are more than tools for organisation, they’re daily companions to navigate the many moving parts of family, work and life. Tracking everything from grocery lists, hydration, soccer practices and client meetings, planners can also serve as a record of achievements and milestones.

With various styles and formats, there is a planner or journal to suit every woman and with Mother’s Day coming up these books make great gifts. —Jenn Wint 

The Priority Mom Planner is a beautiful, hard cover, undated 90-day planner designed to help moms prioritize their daily tasks while creating space for gratitude, intention, self-care, wellness, and more. From the creator of Mom Camp, this Planner encourages women to balance their most important to-dos, and themselves, daily, weekly and monthly with a clearly formatted, fun and uplifting approach to their busy lifestyle. 

The Chapter Two ‘Meditation Guide & Mindfulness Journal’ is the perfect tool for those mamas seeking a deeper connection with themselves and break from the grind. This daily journal is packed with resources that help cultivate a regular meditation practice, connect with her inner self, and achieve greater levels of calm and clarity. With prompts for gratitude and goal setting, this journal will empower the writer to be mindful as they connect with their inner self.

Herspace Co. Layered Living Planner doubles as a calendar and life coach. With yearly, monthly, and weekly calendars, this planner offers a life system for the modern woman. In addition to classic calendar components, this planner offers prompts to assess her progress and allow her to reflect as she plans ahead. With weekly challenges, words to live by and space for notes and lists, this planner will inspire mom to plan and live intentionally.

Clever Fox Bucket List Planner reminds us that every single day is a chance to live an unforgettable adventure. This journal is a powerful tool to help mom break free from routine and start living consciously, savouring every moment, and making dreams a reality. Tracking goals big and small, she can fill the pages with the planning, execution and memories for each bucket list experience. With prompts and motivation, this adventure companion helps plan and inspire.

Pocketo Self Planner is a beautifully designed planner, offering space for mom to elevate her daily life. Through encouraging, inspirational quotes, room for journaling, meaningful questions for introspection, and weekly wellness plans she can map her weeks. Prompting a new activity, connecting with friends, or simply stepping away from the desk, this journal and planner encourages mom to stay on track as she celebrates milestones and records special memories. 


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