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Explore B.C. Regeneratively This Summer

April 30, 2024

Traveling with purpose is more than a trend—it’s a transformation of tourism into a force for good. In British Columbia, the concept of regenerative tourism is redefining how we explore and interact with our destinations. Regenerative tourism is gaining momentum as a way for communities to take action against the increased pressures of tourism they are facing. Spearheaded by Re:BC, in partnership with communities across the province, this approach not only seeks to enhance the traveler’s experience but also ensures that their visit benefits the local environment and communities.

Understanding Regenerative Tourism

Regenerative tourism goes beyond sustainability; it aims to leave places better than we found them. This means engaging in travel that supports local economies, respects cultural heritage, and conserves natural resources. At its core, this approach involves three main principles: creating experiences that encourage positive contributions, dispersing the burden of tourism, and fostering deep respect for both people and places.

Engaging with Destination Information Quizzes

To help travellers embrace these principles, Re:BC has developed interactive quizzes in collaboration with their current partner communities—Parksville Qualicum Beach, Revelstoke, and Squamish. Each quiz offers insights into the local culture, environmental stewardship, and community practices. By participating in these quizzes and checking in at these communities, available exclusively through the Re:BC app, visitors not only gain valuable knowledge but are also rewarded for their efforts. Upon successfully completing an initiative, participants receive a pair of Canadian-made Ecologyst Woolies—cozy, sustainably crafted wool socks that pair perfectly with their outdoor adventures.

Explore These Communities at the Forefront of Regenerative Tourism

  1. Sustain PQB – Parksville Qualicum Beach: This initiative supports the preservation of the serene beaches and vibrant communities of Parksville Qualicum Beach. The quiz covers local history, cultural heritage, and environmental preservation, encouraging travelers to contribute positively during their visit.
  2. Sustain the Stoke – Revelstoke: Known for its rugged landscapes and adventurous spirit, Revelstoke’s quiz educates visitors on how to engage responsibly with nature and support local indigenous cultures through respectful tourism practices.
  3. Sustain the Sound – Squamish: As a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Squamish’s quiz delves into the rich cultural tapestry and ecological significance of the area, and focuses on promoting conservation and community respect.

By participating in Re:BC’s regenerative tourism initiatives, travelers can truly connect with British Columbia’s spirit and contribute to its enduring legacy. Download the Re:BC app today to start your journey towards making a positive impact while exploring the super natural beauty of B.C.

Visit Re:BC’s about page for more resources on how you can travel regeneratively this summer and do your part to transform these remarkable destinations for the better. —Vita Daily


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