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4 Trailblazing VIGYL Candles

May 1, 2024

Self love-led Canadians are invited to adopt a fresh perspective on candle culture through the unique and genderless approach of VIGYL. The brand doesn’t just present enticing fragrances, they invite us to burn a candle for self-devotion. With a vision to expand the way we engage with candle culture, each VIGYL product is designed in Toronto to capture a modern mood and sensory journey. The candles are then hand-poured in Montreal using a custom ceramic vessel, clean-burning ingredients, premium soy wax, a high-quality cotton wick and a robust 10 per cent fragrance load. Inspired by the impactful moments that shape our lives, shop the brand’s best-selling Monume collection with intention ($39.50/ 6.7oz candle). —Julia Dumbrell

As the product’s top review calls it, VIGYL’s hero Daddy Candle is the ‘GOAT’. Notes of Cedarwood, Floral, Fresh Basil, Vanilla, Cognac and Leather capture forbidden treasures, exemplifying the pleasure which is incited by the brand.

Like the infinite loop of life, VIGYL hand-poured the Figure Eight Candle to remind us that what goes around, comes around. Let the scent balance the senses, as the laws of nature from harmony to discipline are captured through sweet fig, orange blossom and cyclamen.

Cedarwood, santal and sandalwood emulate the enticing VIGYL Passage Candle. Lighting with intention will incite unmarked trails and choosing the long way, discovering floral notes of bitter citrus as we’re invited to delve deeper into self-care.

The Pompeii Candle rises above as our personal favourite, smelling of pink skies and simpler times (as VIGYL puts it, ‘before everything was on fire’). This visionary candle is intoxicating with notes of pink grapefruit, black pepper, ginger, orange and peppermint.


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