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The Mom Flow Features Real Talk For Mamas

May 1, 2024

The Mom Flow is Erin Sousa’s smart, funny and, most importantly, real weekly column on all things parenting. In her own words, The Mom Flow is “a place for working moms who love being a mom and also love being themselves. It’s our safe space … and no, you don’t need to be a mom to enjoy the content! Because, while I’m a mom, the flow means also enjoying life outside of being a mom and knowing that it’s OK to still be you—even if you’re re-discovering who that is after having a baby.” We chatted with Erin to learn more. —Noa Nichol

Hi Erin! What motivated you to focus on real and raw topics in motherhood? 

I am bombarded online with motherhood personas that are designed to simply sell more stuff. The Mom Flow is approached in a way of being a conduit or voice for the motherhood experience as it exists, as opposed to one that makes moms feel less than, and therefore pushing them to spend more in order to measure up. I feel it’s really important for moms to enjoy the journey of motherhood; so often we get caught up in the comparison trap, with one-dimensional mom content subtly making us feel insecure. Also, I think to many motherhood feels more isolating and lonely than they anticipated, and that’s a big reason why speaking true feelings out loud is so important in the motherhood space.

How would you describe The Mom Flow to someone who is new to the platform? 

The Mom Flow is a community that creates conversation around what it’s like to take on modern motherhood. With plenty of content out there geared toward one type of mom, The Mom Flow takes on conversations we don’t see happening in the space. It’s for all kinds of moms: business-owner moms, moms to one, moms who love being a mom, but also love being themselves. Moms who aren’t sure who they are yet! New moms, stay-at-home moms and even the mom-curious! I like to say the quiet part out loud. It’s not just about everything in relation to being a mom, but rather a POV as someone who has a lens that motherhood has created.

How do you ensure authenticity and relatability in the content you provide? 

Authenticity is so important to me. We often see mom content rolled into jokes or tropes as a way to hide true feelings around the motherhood experience, for fear of judgement from others. Motherhood is often critiqued and I have always taken so much strength from content that tells it like it really is, which is what people love about The Mom Flow.

Could you share some of the key topics that The Mom Flow covers, especially those that are often overlooked or not commonly discussed? 

It’s so important to hear about the tough moments from other moms, and that’s what I share a lot of—the duality of motherhood is often overlooked, and we see moms who have it all figured out, which can create insecurity and fixation on what we are not instead of enjoying motherhood in your own way. Some topics I’ve covered lately include my mom ick (playing with my daughter, and why it’s not my fave), the moment my toddler told me she has no friends, co-parenting disagreements, only-child opinions, tantrums and so much more.

Mom guilt is a common struggle. How does The Mom Flow address this issue, and what advice do you offer to moms experiencing guilt? 

As women, we always strive to be better and guilt is such a natural part of that, because we cannot be everything to everyone all at once. I am so mindful of mom guilt and think of a few things: my mom spent a lot less time with me because of work and I always felt loved and cared for, and as long as my daughter feels loved and cared for, that’s all that matters. Guilt is a selfish emotion that is really all about self-importance, so I try to pep talk myself with this! Knowing you are enough as a mom is truly so important!

Co-parenting can be challenging. How does The Mom Flow provide support and insights for mothers navigating co-parenting dynamics? 

Co-parenting is something my husband and I struggle with often. We are in-our-40s parents (of a toddler) with unique dynamics, in the way that I am the main breadwinner and he takes more time off for childcare. I’ve struggled with this as has he, and we work on checking in with each other. I know one thing for sure: our marriage will always come first as it is the basis for how we parent, and we work hard at always communicating what’s on our minds.

Are there any personal experiences or stories shared on The Mom Flow that stand out to you regarding co-parenting? 

I recently shared about our parenting styles differing and how I told him that I was set up as the “nag,” which I didn’t like. The next day he made a change that told me he heard me, and that meant the world.

What are your future plans for The Mom Flow? 

In collaboration with VITA, Shangri-La Vancouver and Coast Restaurant, we are hosting our very first Mom Day event to kick off the month of Mother’s Day with our fave inspiring modern moms in the creator/influencer industry as I feel their influence in the space has so much weight for what a lot of moms see and feel. Mom Day is a term I coined for Mondays—the day of the week I use to set myself up for success at home and with my family, doing things like groceries, meal mapping, movement, etc., so I can take on the week as the best woman and mom I can be. I hope to expand these events within The Mom Flow community as time allows (we all know how busy it is to wear a lot of hats, and I want to enjoy things at the same time!). Stay tuned!


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