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Dyson Blows Us Away—Again

May 2, 2024

In 2017, Dyson launched its Supersonic hairdryer, its first foray into personal care and an absolute game-changer for our hair. Why?  Because it’s fast and relatively light, and because over the years, the brand has launched a smorgasbord of amazing attachments that we just haven’t seen elsewhere. Particular favourites are the comb, which dries our 10-year-old’s insanely thick locks with zero stress, and the flyaway attachment, which mimics a professional blowout to tame frizz and add shine.

Now, the dryer is getting its most significant upgrade as Dyson launches the Supersonic Nural, which has smart technology that protects hair. How it works: Sensors on the device detect how close it is to your scalp, and the temperature is automatically reduced if you get too close (you can switch It off if you really want to blast your locks). The attachments, which include an improved diffuser, comb, concentrator, gentle air and flyaway tamer, “remember” what heat and airflow settings you had them on the last time you used them and automatically reapply them. And there’s a motion-sensing accelerometer that automatically deactivates the heater and decreases airflow and noise when you’re not actively styling your hair.

It comes in two new colour palettes: Ceramic Patina and Topaz, and Vinca Blue and Topaz, and costs $629.99. For more information, visit the website or drop into a store. —Aileen Lalor


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