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The Mom Flow: Real Connections + New Home Update

May 5, 2024

Welcome to Friday Five, where I share things that are on my mind in the hopes of helping you connect to your Mom Flow. Thanks for being here! —Erin Sousa

IRL Mom Flow

Well, this week was one for the books. I had my very first Mom Flow event with an amazing group of moms and set the scene to make for an evening of connection, like, AUTHENTIC connection. We had the best conversations, massages, dinner, and something we did that would be so so fun to do with your group of friends is “Mom-fessions”… tell me you don’t hold guilt and shame around something you’ve done or said as a mom? I know I have. Well, we all wrote that ‘Mom-fession’ anonymously on a piece of paper, and each of us read one out loud. It was so so freeing and we all had such a huge release. Highly recommend! The feedback was just heart bursting, and that’s what it’s about for me. OK, doesn’t that sound cheesy? Maybe. But it’s the truth. These events might be something I expand bc I think we are all craving IRL bonding… it’s so needed and so essential to mom life. I added to a highlight on IG here if you want to peek! Thanks so much to VITA Magazine for co-hosting, Shangri-La Hotel and COAST Restaurant for sponsoring the Mom Day event. Read the article pictured above, here.

Moving is actually… happening?!

SO, it’s really happening! The movers are booked, the paperwork is signed, we bought a new home. I cannot believe it. It’s been a huge dream of mine to own a property where Lola can walk to school, we have a yard, and that community feel. So much change is going to be happening over the next few months and I’m having all the feels about it. Obviously, moving is hard, and moving with a kiddo… ya, make that x10. I asked Lola how she was feeling about moving and she said she was feeling nervous. I am going to work on getting her accustomed to the idea over the next few weeks, hyping it up, reminding her that we will all be together and all of her stuff is coming with us.

A few things you might like

I am on a spending freeze bc new home and Portugal trip… I mentioned this last week and I had a LOT of people ask about why, reminding me about the freeze when I posted we were going out to dinner etc. Can we agree this doesn’t mean not spending anything at ALL? For me it’s about drastically cutting out the nonsense. What I’m trying to say is…

Yes, I bought a new summer dress. So sue me. 

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