Treat Yourself To The Mother’s Day Gifts You Really Wanted, But Didn’t Get

May 13, 2024

The idea of Mother’s Day is lovely. Moms get breakfast in bed plus the day to rest and be pampered, right? In reality, creating Mother’s Day magic requires preparation and recovery and, spoiler, it isn’t relaxing; it’s actually exhausting. You adore the flowers, gifts and spending the day with the family, truly. But, now that you’ve allowed your family to celebrate you and you’ve cleaned up the pancake batter and done extra laundry, it’s time to treat yourself to the things you really want (and deserve) for Mother’s Day. —Jenn Wint

Time Alone: You love hanging out with your family, of course, but now you want some time away from being the snack slinger and the family chauffeur. Services like Sunhouse Babysitting will give you worry-free time away to recharge. Or take a whole weekend and invest in yourself at a getaway like Mom Camp. Whether it’s lunch with a friend, date night with your partner, or a full weekend away, you deserve some uninterrupted time where it’s just about you.

Period Underwear: Every mom wants a new pair of reliable undies but rarely do we find them in our Mother’s Day gift bag. Treat yourself to some comfy, breathable, leak proof underwear from Revol Cares so your heavy flow is one less thing to worry about.

A Good Book (and the space to read it): This summer, get lost in the fictional world of suburban relationship drama with Kelly Duran’s Can’t Take It Back. There’s nothing better than a sunny backyard lounge chair and an escape into the pages of a great story.

Easy Makeup Removal: At the end of the day, all you want is to sink your head on the pillow but we know the importance of clean skin. In one step, Lavoh, facecloths take off all of the day’s makeup with only water. Soft and gentle, they’re the perfect skincare solution for busy moms.

Food You Didn’t Make: A break from the daily grind of meal making is an incredible way to get time back and discover new flavors. Having a Bloom Bundle week of delicious dinners or lunch delivered from Inspired Go, lets someone else nourish mom for a change. 

A Smart Supplement Organizer: Reduce mental load with a pill and supplement organizer that looks beautiful in your space. This organizer lights up when it’s time to take pills offering a daily reminder to prioritize your wellness. Your health is the ultimate form of self care and Loba makes it simple and stylish

A Clean House: The greatest gift to yourself is a spotless home. Sure, the kids will ‘tidy’ for Mother’s Day but the satisfaction of a deep clean (that you didn’t do) is unmatched. With 100% natural cleaning products, AspenClean will leave your home spotless and healthy every time. Enjoy it while you can.


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