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Remove Your Makeup With Mother Nature In Mind (Win!)

May 16, 2024

If she’s being honest, Eliza Trendiak never really thought about her skincare routine. Fast-forward a few years and, she says, having a daughter can radically change her perspective on beauty expectations, not to mention your time and energy levels! She started paying attention to her negative self-talk and to the criticisms that played on repeat in her mind when she looked in the mirror. She vowed to stop that cycle. Now, as founder of new beauty brand Lavoh, which makes facecloths that melt away makeup with warm water alone, Eliza’s all about authentic self-acceptance and creating simple solutions for real-life people. We chatted with her to learn more about her exciting launch. —Vita Daily

What inspired you to create Lavoh, a brand centered around reusable facecloths that rely solely on water to remove makeup?

I am naturally a promoter, so when I find a product or service that I am genuinely in love with I want everyone to know about it! And this was absolutely the case with Lavoh. When I first discovered reusable makeup remover facecloths a few years ago, I told every makeup-wearer in my life about them. When I was considering getting out of the hair salon industry and thinking about what I wanted to do next, it just made sense to start a brand around a product that I already deeply believed in.

How do you envision Lavoh fitting into the modern beauty industry landscape, particularly with its emphasis on sustainability and simplicity?

From my years of owning hair salons, I knew first-hand that sustainability was increasingly becoming a top priority for customers. The beauty industry is known for its wastefulness with such a high volume of products designed to be disposable. I wanted to become a part of the solution rather than add to the problem. And while no product is perfect, I am so proud to say that one Lavoh facecloth diverts approximately 140 packages of makeup wipes from the landfill. As for simplicity, I’m a mother of 2 toddlers so I HAVE to find solutions for self-care that are simple and easy to incorporate into my daily life and I think that has really resonated with our community. From the customers perspective, it can often be overwhelming with the endless options of skincare and makeup products to chose from. Our facecloths cut through the noise and say “hey, you just need water and we’ve got you covered”.

Can you walk us through the development process behind Lavoh’s reusable facecloths? What sets them apart from other makeup removal methods on the market?

It’s funny because I went into this thinking this is just a facecloth, how hard can it be? But I learnt quickly that it takes a long time to develop a product to the standard that I was looking for. I started by researching which materials had the best properties for removing makeup, something with a super high density but was ultra soft. Once my materials were chosen, I began reaching out to towel manufacturers, specifically those that produced childrens’ towels. Knowing that childrens’ products typically have the highest level of quality and softness so as to be safe for sensitive skin. From there, I did months of sampling with various manufacturers until I finally got all aspects of it right. From the material, to the stiching, to the sewing quality, to the colourways…every detail about this facecloth has been thought through. The feedback from those who have tried other similar products has been overwhelmingly positive. The vast majority of comments I receive are that these are the softest and most effective facecloths they have tried.

What challenges did you encounter while launching Lavoh, and how did you overcome them?

The first two things that come to mind are time and money! In a perfect world I would have loved to launch my products months before our actual launch date, but I knew rushing it would mean I would have to lower my standards quality-wise which I was not prepared to do. Additionally, startups require a LOT of man hours. I was constantly having to juggle the time I wanted to spend on the business with the time I wanted to spend with my family. Which usually resulted in a lot of late night/early morning work sessions while everyone else was sleeping (like writing this email for example!).

I’ve bootstrapped the entire business myself so there have definitely been some intense moments of feeling that pressure to succeed because I’ve poured my hard earned savings into this project. Thankfully, I have an incredibly supportive husband who has always believed in my dreams so having that support from him has been invaluable.

Sustainability is a key focus for many consumers today. How does Lavoh contribute to reducing waste in the beauty industry, and what measures have you taken to ensure your brand operates sustainably?

Our product in and of itself is an answer to reducing waste in the beauty industry. One Lavoh facecloth replaces approximately 140 packages of makeup remover wipes or 3-5 years worth of disposable products. I literally have not purchased a makeup wipe, liquid, or cotton pad in YEARS and love knowing that even when I travel I don’t need any additional travel sized products. Our fabrics are also OEKO-TEX certified and this certification ensures non-hazardous end-products and all of their components. Even though we just officially launched, I am already working on redesigning and procuring compostable packaging for our next round of inventory. 

With the rise of skincare routines and beauty rituals, how does Lavoh complement existing practices, and what benefits does it offer to consumers seeking efficient makeup removal solutions?

Lavoh is the perfect compliment to ANY makeup routine. I always joke that we are tackling the unglamourous side of the beauty industry. Most companies are focusing on what consumers want to put ON their face but very few give a second thought to how it comes OFF! Whether you wear full glam/drag makeup or simply concealer and mascara, it needs to come off of your face easily….and that’s where we come in. We encourage our customers to continue with their regular skincare routines and to simply think of us as THE replacement for traditional makeup remover. Use up the makeup remover you have, make the switch to Lavoh, and rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to buy makeup remover again.

What do you hope consumers will take away from their experience with Lavoh, both in terms of convenience and sustainability?

First and foremost I want consumers to know that our product exists! I am floored at the amount of people I talk to who have never even heard of makeup remover facecloths. I just want people to know that there is a better way, both for the environment and for their wallet. Billions of wipes end up in the landfill every day and the average consumer will spend approximately $2300 on disposable products in the lifespan of a Lavoh facecloth. Lastly, when consumers are engaging with our brand I want them to feel accepted and celebrated regardless of their gender, skin texture, age, or social status. And at the end of the day when it all comes off we want them to enjoy that moment of self care.

Win! 5 Classic Lavoh Facecloths!

One lucky Canadian winner will receive 5 Classic Lavoh Facecloths, one in each launch colour, for a total value of $125! To enter, head over to Instagram, follow @lovelavoh and @vitadailymedia and make sure to fulfil all the entry rules in the caption of the corresponding contest post. Contest opens May 17, 2024 and closes May 24, 2024. Complete contest rules and regulations herePlease note: if you are the winner, you will receive a DM (direct message) in Instagram directly from @vitadailymedia. Please be wary of fake accounts, which often use similar handles with an extra or missing letter, number or symbol. We will never ask for a payment or for your credit card number, and we will never ask you to click through a link. If you are unsure whether you have been contacted, via Instagram, by us or a fake account, email us before responding.


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    Going to bed and watching sports

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    Reading in bed 📚 with the cat snuggled up beside me. @interlakepixie

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    Snuggling in bed with my husband after a long day of work, is very relaxing to me. Makes me feel safe!

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    applying/massaging in serum is my fave part of my nighttime routine!

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    Getting into bed

  8. Mary D.

    May 21st, 2024 at 2:59 pm

    My favourite part of my evening routine besides getting make-up off and cleansing and moisturizing, is having the 10-15 minutes of quiet time to think about what happened that day and center myself for a relaxing sleep and better day to come.

  9. Xu Li

    May 21st, 2024 at 9:48 pm

    Moisturizing! @xuliang889

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    Stretching before getting into bed.


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    Getting into my warm bed!
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    My evening routine would either be soaking in the tub or relax with a good book.

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