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The Mom Flow: The Guilt of Joy + My Slick-Bun Formula

May 19, 2024

Welcome to Friday Five, where I share things that are on my mind in the hopes of helping you connect to your Mom Flow. Thanks for being here! —Erin Sousa

Lessons in business (and beyond)

I had the opportunity to attend a women’s business conference called WNORTH last week. I rarely make the time for professional development – I’ mean I learn new programs or methods, but tapping out for three days to go IRL, fully immersing myself in inspiring presentations from high-level thought leaders, and of course, actually connecting with peers. I definitely learned that it’s something I need to be prioritizing. I wrote down a few key messages that really resonated with me, and I want to share them with you here in case they spark something for you, too!

  • Looking inwards vs. what you can’t control (so true, as evidenced by how transformative my reset earlier this year was and how it completely shifted many things in my life)
  • Instead of focusing on making ppl understand you, work on understanding others
  • If something triggers you in a negative way, become curious about intention and ask clarifying questions (something I’m always working on is not assuming negative intent)
  • Focus on relationships at all levels (I’m a big believer, and it’s happened to me several times in life, that you never know where someone will end up)
  • Anytime you feel ‘leashed’, do something that stretches you

Days away from our big move

Am I stressed? YES. Am I mildly anxious? YES. Am I excited. YES. I exhausted. YES. Am I proud AF? YES. Rollercoaster ride of buying and selling continues and being the one who is handling all the admin of things in our household has taken a toll for sure. BUT, it’s short term and it will (universe willing!) pay off. I’ve been adulting haaaaaard. From final things like insurance, booking movers, utilities, cable, internet, cleaners, operational things like organizers, furniture deliveries, selling things, ordering… I could go on, when we get on the plane to Portugal, I’m having a big glass of something strong and taking an 8-hour nap. But moms… I think we are doing it… move is in t-minus TWO WEEKS! We obviously have movers (huge thank you to Salmon’s Transfer for partnering with me – code ERIN100 saves you $100 off your move!), and having never moved with a kid in tow, we’re going to try and ease this transition for her. She’s a sensitive, homebody Cancer girlie, so she’s going to stay at the grandparents for a few days while we move and set up her room. We are also hoping to surprise her with a bouncy castle in the backyard when she comes ‘home’ – she’s been petitioning for a trampoline buuuut no.

Letting yourself feel joy

I don’t know if it’s because life has felt very serious and super packed full (with plenty of demands from every angle, and what feels like a lot of peoples emotions being thrown at me), but I’ve rarely given myself the opportunity to actually stop and take a reflect on the wins or the moments of joy along the way. Buying and selling is rattling, and I almost feel guilty feeling light or happy, because I feel like there has to be something challenging on the horizon if things are going well? I think it’s just a high stress time and all normal. I went to meet our home organizer at the house this week (cannot tell you how happy it makes me to have this help!), and afterwards took myself to lunch because I just wanted to celebrate myself for a moment. Celebrating with a plate of pasta? Say less. It felt great. I just soaked in what a freaking milestone it is to buy our dream place. NO GUILT.

A few things you might like

My hair has been in a slick bun since Lola was born, and my fave formula to keep my very very frizzy hair slicked is this lotion and this wax stick.

No such thing as TMI here: since I had Lola, my armpits are smelllly and I’ve tried so many things, but when I heard about the gycolic acid trick and tried it, things changed. I used some glycolic pads I had under my arms and wow, so buying this super affordable glycolic.

There’s more! Keep reading this week’s edition of The Mom Flow by Erin Sousa, including an easy weeknight recipe for Mexican Green Chicken Rollups; subscribe for free to receive new posts and support her work, here!


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