5 Top Tips For Doing Bridal Makeup From A Pro

May 24, 2024

Booking your bridal hair and makeup sounds glamorous and exciting, but it can be quite intimidating! Whether you wear makeup frequently or not, the rules regarding makeup on your wedding day can alter from your regular looks and products. We chatted with Ada and Rita Jun from JUN Studios to get the scoop on what to keep in mind if you are opting to do your own makeup this wedding season, whether you’re the bride or in the wedding party. —Maddie Clerides

What are some of your favourite products for doing bridal makeup?

Benefit’s lip stains are one of our favourite products, and it comes in multiple colors! We apply it on the lips first, then a lipstick on top. After the bride kisses the groom, no worries, there will still be color on her lips afterwards. Sol De Janeiro’s body glow oil is AMAZING on the chest and arms—it gives the skin a healthy sun kissed glow. Then, spray Eva NYC glitter spray on top of the skin or hair.

Best setting sprays to lock in makeup?

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray and One/Size On ‘Til Dawn are the best!

Are there any products or ingredients you would recommend avoiding?

Yes, any SPF above 25. Titanium oxide and zinc oxide found in many physical sunscreens can flashback in photos, which can leave the skin looking ghostly.  Also, avoid trying new products on the wedding day to avoid an unknown allergic reaction. Lastly, skip serums. There are some that cause pilling when mixed with other products, which ends up looking like dead skin flaking off the face when applying foundation.

General tips for doing bridal makeup?

Avoid salty foods on the week of the wedding and drink lots of water. This can help prevent bloating in the face and body and leave the skin hydrated. The last thing you want is to struggle with fitting in the dress and have puffy eye bags under eyes! Exfoliating the skin and lips the night before, then applying a mask will ensure a great makeup application the next day. When washing hair the night before, avoid using conditioner. Some conditioners can leave the hair very silky smooth—if it’s too smooth, it may not curl as well. Do not show up with wet hair! The less moisture in the hair the better for the curls to last long. It’s best to wash and dry your hair the night before.

Any tips to touch up the makeup throughout the day and night?

Keep tissues handy at all times, and catch your happy tears before they stream down your face. Never use wiping motions—just dab! We also recommend keeping a light setting powder handy in case it’s a hot day and you get oily in the t-zone. Keep lash glue on you in case the happy tears lifts one end of the falsies!


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