Make This Refreshing Summer Espresso Tonic

May 28, 2024

The espresso tonic combines two tasty trends, as a strong shot of quality espresso meets a fizzy dose of tonic water. Try this simple summer drink recipe from home to discover a new seasonal obsession. Chilled over ice with brightening final touch, it’s a beverage even Sabrina Carpenter would approve of. Is it that sweet? I guess so. —Julia Dumbrell

Step 1: Make the Espresso

Heat up the espresso machine to prepare a quality shot. We opt for the De’Longhi Espresso Machine, whose leading espresso makes the process of creating and tasting espresso truly state-of-the-art ($400).

Step 2: Prepare the Glass

Fill a chic serving glass up to the rim with ice cubes. To enhance the at-home experience, a cocktail or highball glass will do the trick nicely, like the Small Fine Grooved Glasses from Simons ($15).

Step 3: Combine and Garnish

Pour tonic over the ice until the glass is about three quarters full, finishing by pouring the espresso shot on top. To make this beverage all the more bright, we opt to garnish with a mint leaf, wedge of lemon, or a dash of yuzu juice. For lemon lovers, embellishing the drink’s base with Lemon Tonic Water, like the product by Fever Tree, creates a citrusy result to stir and sip all summer long ($8). 


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