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Dermaplaning Wands: What Are They For?

May 29, 2024

I once read a quote from supermodel Christie Brinkley, who couldn’t have aged more gracefully, and she said she starts every day by exfoliating. I’m a big fan of exfoliating and I use a range of gentle products on a regular basis to scrub away dead skin cells and clean out my pores. Then I heard about dermaplaning. The concept is a tad medieval and intimidating, I’ll admit: it’s basically a razor for your face to help skim off the very top layer of skin. However, when I used it, I was floored by how much, shall I say, ickiness it removed from my face: peach fuzz, dead skin, oil, and more. My skin was left feeling softer and smoother than it ever had before.

More and more people are turning to dermaplaning to help with acne scars as well. It brightens as well as evens overall skin tone, and can actually remove fine lines and wrinkles. It has made what was once an expensive cosmetic treatment in spas easy and inexpensive to do at home. If you’d like to try dermaplaning, here are a few wands to start with. —Jenn Cox

Hydro Silk Dermaplaning Wand from Schick ($25, available at Jean Coutu)

Immediately reveals your glowy, smooth skin by gently exfoliating and sweeping away fine hairs. It not only gives you radiant skin but it also improves absorption of moisturizers and skin’s texture. It allows for smoother make-up application as well. This kit comes with one wand with protective micro guards and six exfoliating edge refills.

Urban Outfitters’ Leaf Dermaplaner Shaving Kit ($79)

Removes peach fuzz and helps you to maintain your chic eyebrow, all while exfoliating your skin with this zero-waste shaving kit, which features one dermaplaner tool, a pack of refill blades and guards, and a stand for convenient storage. Plus, we love the opulent gold colour.

4 Piece Facial Razor Set ($16, from Sephora)

Allows you to seamlessly remove facial hair and peach fuzz for a smoother-looking complexion as well as shape, clean up, and groom brows. The handle’s slight curve allows for comfortable, close, and precise shave, and it comes in reusable pouch that is perfect for travel.


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