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Jamie Pandit Collabs On A 12-piece Jewelry Collection For Pride

May 31, 2024

As Pride Month begins, we celebrate inclusivity and diversity, amplifying all voices to raise awareness for the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community. This year, Canadian jewelry brand Olaeda has partnered with the remarkable Bangladeshi trans creator, Jamie Pandit, to unveil a 12-piece collection that perfectly blends Jamie’s passion for feminine, fine, layering pieces with Olaeda’s top-tier craftsmanship. This inclusive collection features subtle nods to the trans flag colours and is crafted almost exclusively in 14K gold and diamonds, ensuring timeless elegance and lasting beauty. Inspired by Jamie’s personal motto to “always sparkle and shine from the inside out,” the range embodies her mission to spread love, light, and self-confidence in everything she does. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The 519, a Toronto-based agency dedicated to the health, happiness, and full participation of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. We had the pleasure of speaking with Olaeda founder Talia Massaroni and Jamie Pandit about their thoughtful collaboration, launching on June 5. —Lauren Walker-Lee

How did the collaboration come to be?

Talia Massaroni: After wrapping up 2023, I was reflecting on the year and how to move forward with Olaeda. Everything felt different, the economy, inflation, and people’s spending habits too. I wanted a more impactful way to bring new collections to our followers and I decided that a design collaboration was the next venture I wanted to try. Not just any old collab, but one with meaning, purpose and intention behind it. I’d been a fan of Jamie’s for years so after connecting with her agent it turned out a jewelry collab was something she had actually been dreaming of too, so it was a match made in heaven.

Can you share a few words about the collaboration with Olaeda?

Jamie Pandit: Recently, I started to invest in solid gold pieces that not only look luxurious and effortless but also stand the test of time. In sharing jewelry pieces with some of my friends who are my chosen family, I realized how a ring or a necklace can hold so much meaning and connection with someone you love. When Olaeda reached out to me, I was elated because I finally had the chance to create pieces that reflect my personal style, feel luxurious, timeless, and that can be worn everyday! Olaeda being a small woman owned business working so proudly with me, a transgender woman, in a political climate where brands are reluctant due to the fear of any backlash speaks volumes about Olaeda’s values and commitment to inclusivity. I also really appreciate how involved I have been in the process of curating all of the pieces to selecting the perfect packaging to finalizing the fine print with Talia, so that the collection really feels like “me” and something my community will love too. It didn’t feel like I was just slapping my name on the pieces and calling it a “Pride Collection ” because we are also standing behind the message with quality products and ensured there would be a give-back component with The 519 in Toronto that will help the LGBTQ+ community.

How did you land on the styles and materials for the collection? 

TM: During the early portion of planning, it was clear that this collection was going to be very special. Quality was a very important attribute for Jamie, which is why we chose solid gold (specifically 14K). It just evokes a sense of elegance and understated luxury. These are investment pieces and ones you can also hand down from generation to generation. There is a certain confidence and refinement that comes with wearing solid gold, making every moment feel a little more special and elevated. Whether worn daily or reserved for special occasions, it imparts a sense of permanence and classic style that resonates deeply with its wearer. The styles were kept minimal yet effortless, so they can be worn individually or layered together. We carried this minimal theme throughout the collection but injected subtle ornate elements like diamonds and coloured enamel for little touches of sparkle. My favourites are the enamel chains, which represent the colours in the trans flag (pink, white, blue); this small touch was a beautiful way to honour Jamie’s journey. 

What does self expression mean to you?

JP: Self-expression to me means choosing myself every day and honouring my choices even if they aren’t the same as someone else’s and don’t fit in their box.  I am my own person and I get to be the creative leader of my life. This runs so deeply in all areas of my life now in the way I carry myself, what I wear and now in this jewelry collection with Olaeda.

Can you share a bit the importance of self-expression and being yourself?

TM: I think that self-expression and being true to oneself are fundamental to personal fulfillment and growth. Expressing oneself authentically allows individuals to communicate their unique perspective, emotions and identities, fostering a sense of individuality and self-worth. It enables people to connect more deeply with others, forming genuine relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. Being true to oneself also cultivates inner confidence and resilience, as it aligns one’s actions and choices with their core values and beliefs.

What would you like people to take away from celebrating pride month and carrying into every other month of the year?

JP: Pride has traditionally been designated for the month of “June” but LGBTQ+ folks are LGBTQ+ all throughout the year. We need help now more than ever from our cisgender allies, as our voices are being diminished and our right to exist is being taken away through legislation – we really need people to support us. Not just by saying, “we accept and love you”, and not just by educating themselves, but through action. By taking the time to learn from an LGBTQ+ person themselves as we are not a monolith, by highlighting us and including us in your conversations to normalize that we are human beings just living our lives like anyone else, working with us during Pride and beyond, giving us a chance, and making us feel like we are people who deserve the same love, respect, and kindness as anyone else. This one part of our identity shouldn’t be the reason why we are not included or an afterthought – we belong every day and everywhere. 


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