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Discover The Treatment That’s Redefining Non-Surgical Facial Lifting & Rejuvenation

June 6, 2024

There’s a new treatment in town, and it’s set to redefine the field of facial lifting. Vancouver’s Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology recently added EMFACE to its roster of offerings; this groundbreaking non-surgical facial lifting and rejuvenation treatment, developed by BTL Aesthetics, introduces an all-new dual mechanism and treatment option for achieving natural-looking results, setting a new standard in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. We chatted with Dr. Shannon Humphrey to learn more. —Noa Nichol

What inspired the development of EMFACE, and how does it differ from other non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments?

Demand! Patient demand for a treatment that is safe and effective, easy to have with no downtime, and results in a natural-looking (above all else), healthy, refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. Also, the observation that body contouring treatments that target muscle have been effective and very popular. Both of these factors inspired the development of EMFACE.

    Can you explain the dual mechanism of EMFACE involving multi-modal radiofrequency and electrical muscular stimulation?

    Absoutely. Two types of energy are utilized as part of EMFACE treatment. First, and most unique, is called “high frequency electrical muscle stimulation”; this targets, very specifically, the lifting facial muscles. This is very critical, because you don’t want to target the depressing facial muscles. To explain, there are a few specific facial muscles in the cheek, forehead and under the chin can be targeted. You can think of it like a tight hammock verses a “saggy” hammock. Youthful muscles are like a tight hammock. If we can target those muscles, the results will be more lifted. 

    The second energy is “radio frequency,” which stimulates gentle heat to improve skin quality. As for the outcome of EMFACE as a whole: it targets shape via targeting muscle, and targets skin quality via radio frequency. Skin quality will look smoother and more radiant. 

    What kind of results can patients expect from EMFACE treatments, and how soon do they typically see these results?

    Results really depend on what areas are treated, such as the forehead, mid-face and submental, which is the under-chin. Forehead and cheeks treated together give an overall lifted appearance with improvement in skin quality. Specific patients may notice lifting in the eyebrow and lateral cheek lifting. If under the chin is treated, a patient would see lift and contour of undesirable fullness or double chin. The skin on all these areas will look more radiant and smoother. The convergence of all those outcomes is what makes the treatment so desirable; we’ve had such great patient feedback. 

    How soon do you see results? There is a bi-modal outcome. Many patients can see and feel lifting right after the treatment, but from the clinical studies, peak benefits are about three months after the last session. EMFACE is ideally performed as 4-6 sessions, 2-14 days apart, though it’s not necessary to be too rigid about time frame. This series makes up the initial treatment, plus we recommend a single booster treatment once a year moving forward.

    What are the key advantages of EMFACE over traditional surgical facial lifting procedures?

    It’s difficult to compare it to traditional surgical procedures, as they’re very different. A surgical face lift is a complete correction and requires general anesthesia and recovery. In terms of downtime and risk, they’re not even in the same category. Nor in the same category in terms of outcome. But the key advantages are that it’s easy to incorporate into existing aesthetic plans, convenient (20 minutes, no downtime) and predictable in terms of degree of improvement. 

    How does EMFACE fit into the broader trend of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and what does it signify for the future of dermatology?

    It fits beautifully! It’s paving the way with a new category, as it doesn’t fit into current aesthetic treatment categories. We can easily add it to patients’ current aesthetic plans, and demand for this particular treatment signifies that patients, aesthetic consumers, are interested and open to new treatment modalities, and interested in positive aging more than ever. Further, patients are still hopeful that there are new modalities being introduced that are better than existing ones. 

    Can you describe any notable success stories or cases where EMFACE has significantly improved a patient’s appearance and confidence?

    With so many of our patients being busy professionals and busy moms, the barrier for most of them is around convenience … and logistical lifestyle factors. EMFACE has allowed them to access non-surgical rejuvenation in a way that works with their lifestyle because it’s only 20 minutes and they get the outcomes they want. I find that West Coasters are particularly interested in the natural-looking outcomes, plus no downtime for their busy lifestyle. 

    Are there any specific skin types or conditions that EMFACE is particularly well-suited for?

    Most patient types can benefit from EMFACE. It’s less about skin type and facial shape, and more about desire for full face rejuvenation, naturally. 

    What are the typical post-treatment care recommendations for patients undergoing EMFACE?

    There isn’t anything specifically for this treatment. We always recommend medical-grade skincare, customized to the patients. Sun protection and avoidance, but that’s about it!

    How do you see the role of EMFACE evolving in your practice over the next few years?

    Emface has already remarkably changed our practice. It’s brought new patients in, and all of our existing patients have considered adding this to their plan for a greater degree of improvement. 

    Anything else to note about this treatment?

    • One EMFACE treatment is a 20-minute cycle. To be clear, that’s not 20 mins in the office, but it is a very quick treatment. 
    • Pads/applicators go on the areas that are being treated (forehead, cheeks, chin). We typically recommend at least two areas for best outcomes. 
    • What to expect? Lay down, the nurse applies the applicator pads and the treatment begins for 20 minutes. During that time there is a lovely warm feeling and then there is a sensation when the muscle is stimulated that feels like pulling. It’s a unique sensation that is hard to describe. It feels intense at first, but after about 2 minutes, the intensity wears off and the treatment feels quite relaxing. 
    • It’s worthy to note and emphasize that the most unique thing about EMFACE is that it’s the first energy-based treatment to simultaneously treat facial skin and muscles, and that is very big differentiation. It provides multi-modal outcomes (lifted appearance and more healthy looking skin). 
    • We’ve long known that facial aging occurs in many tissues simultaneously (fat and bone are shrinking, skin is aging intrinsically and extrinsically, collagen is degrading, etc.). This is where combination treatments have become the standard of care, and we have a positive aging plan rather than focusing on particular treatments. EMFACE targets multiple tissues in a single treatment. I recommend scheduling a consultation at our clinic to see if EMFACE is right for you.


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