Pet Nutrition Pro Natalie Williams Gives Her Top Tips On How To Build A Bowl For Your Cat

June 6, 2024

Ditch the pour-and-go; building a bowl is trending among pet parents because, just like people, our fur friends deserve options! Mixing and matching formats and flavours will not only keep mealtime interesting for your cat, it can also help address common health ailments like hairball and urinary control. Building a gourmet, nutritionally balanced bowl is the perfect way to elevate your pet’s mealtime. 

First, ensure you know the difference between a complete and balanced meal versus supplemental options. The former includes all the nutrients a cat needs to be fed as their sole source of nutrition. Whether your kitty prefers the dry crunch of kibble, a splash of wet food or a combo, Go! Solutions offers options to provide an enhanced dining experience while addressing your cat’s specific needs or dietary requirements. Keep things nutritionally balanced by reading the feeding guidelines on the back of your pet’s food packaging. 

Ready to rock-and-bowl? Here’s how to build a bowl for your cat in three easy steps:

1. Start with a high-quality dry food as the base—and remember, the majority of calories should come from a complete and balanced food. For example, to help manage hairballs and support your cat’s urinary tract health, you might start with new Go! Solutions Hairball Control + Urinary Care Chicken Recipe with Grains kibble, with fibre-rich miscanthus grass and psyllium husk.

2. Add hydration and variety with some wet food, and follow the 10% rule: when feeding treats, toppers or other non-complete and balanced foods, try and limit those to make up no more than 10% of a pet’s daily calorie intake. The extra moisture and flavour from a wet food addition is sure to keep your cat happy and hydrated.

3. Take your cat’s bowl to the next level with a food topper. Go! Solutions Booster Recipes for Cats offers a nutritional “boost” to your kitty’s meals with functional ingredients like extra fibre to support digestive health and antioxidant-rich fruits for immune health support.

Remember: when building a custom bowl, an oversupply of calories can happen, so it’s always important to follow the feeding guidelines on your cat’s food packaging to ensure you’re supporting their ideal weight. The variety of pet food options on the market can be overwhelming; when in doubt, or if you have any questions about changing up your pet’s diet, reach out to your vet, who can guide you through the best steps for feeding your pet. Learn more at


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