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5 Unique Birdfeeders To Attract Feather Friends

June 7, 2024

Birds can bring a lot of joy and life into your yard, and they’ll flock to a well-stocked feeder. Birds may not be picky on the aesthetics of a feeder but it can be fun for us to have something that eye-catching and adds some whimsy, style, and fun to greenspaces. Here are five of the cutest birdfeeders ever. —Jennifer Cox

Metal Hanging Decorative Bird Feeder from Wayfair Canada ($97)

This feeder has got it all. It has four feeding ports with perches for your feathered friends as well as squirrel and other intruder protection. It’s finished in a warm copper and has a sturdy cable hanging system. It’s also easy to refill and clean thanks to an accessible tube in the centre.

Umbra’s Bird Café ($40)

This might be the most posh place for your local fliers to meet up for a snack and some socializing. Its modern design features a cube-shaped architectural form with asymmetrical windows. When filled, seed is visible through the clear plastic windows and flows out of holes in the bottom into the wrap-around tray for birds to perch on and feast. The roof also features an overhang design, allowing rain to clear off so that the bird feeder stays dry no matter the weather.

The Cutest Chickadee Feeder from Urban Nature Store ($27)

This is the perfect sized feeder for everyone’s favourite small songbird. The sleek dome is height adjustable and offers weather protection as well as bird selectivity (you can make it bigger or smaller, depending on the size of birds you want to accommodate). It’s the ideal size for small spaces and small budgets, but it’s also big on value for birdwatchers of all ages.

Hanging Squirrel Baffling Bird Feeders from Moore Birdfeeders ($140)

This large feeder is perfect to hang from a tree, shepherds hook, off the fence, or underneath your overhang. It looks beautiful and provides an outstanding view of birds even when it’s placed further back in the yard or garden. And without the squirrels at your feeder, it’s pure bird magic! It also keeps seed waste to a minimum as the seed for these feeders is all on the inside.

Hanging Bird Feeder from Metalbird ($65)

There’s more eating and more tweeting with this feeder. Whether it is hooked on a tree branch or hanging on the porch, it’s really easy to install and attracts a wide range of beautiful birds. And because it’s made from durable steel, it wears well and even looks better with age.


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