Meet One Of TikTok’s 2024 LGBTQIA+ Visionary Voices: Darcy & Jer

June 12, 2024

TikTok’s diverse LGBTQIA+ community has always been a beacon of creativity, advocacy, and joy – creating safe spaces for people to express themselves authentically. Every day, LGBTQIA+ creators educate, inspire and fearlessly advocate for their communities on TikTok. The 2024 TikTok LGBTQIA+ Pride Visionary Voices List recognizes 15 extraordinary LGBTQIA+ creators, industry disruptors and small business owners who champion the LGBTQIA+ community. Among the recognized Visionary Voices: married comedians Darcy & Jer of British Columbia create content that celebrates hilarious conversations around relationships, mental health, and getting by in this wild world. After five years of creating content, Darcy & Jer embarked on a 50-city North American stand-up tour, “No Refunds,” that has now expanded to Europe. The two also recently filmed their new comedy special, coming out this fall worldwide. Married for 20 years, these two creators are also dads to their daughter, Grace, and their equally famous dog, @YumaDog. We chatted with them to learn more. —Vita Daily

Can you share a your journey of becoming a content creator on TikTok and what inspired you to start creating content that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community?

It was all quite accidental, to be honest. We had started a TikTok channel for our dog (@yumadog) so we could easily share puppy videos with our family easily… and then she went viral and being the mentally sane person I am, I got jealous. After 18 years of touring as a stand-up comedian, the idea that my dog was more famous than me drove me nuts, so I started our channel (@thedarcymichael). So what started out as a petty gut reaction turned into something that changed our lives forever.

How has your experience as an LGBTQIA+ creator on TikTok helped you connect with and build a supportive community?

As a queer artist, having a platform to connect with and build a community is incredibly rewarding. Doing our meet-and-greets during our stand-up tour was what really solidified for me that we’ve created something so special with our fans. Hearing directly from them about how they’ve grown personally while watching our silly content has been so much fun

What impact do you hope your content has on your audience, especially those within the LGBTQIA+ community?

To not be afraid to live your life how you want. Forget the noise and bet on yourself.

Can you talk about any challenges you’ve faced as an LGBTQIA+ content creator and how you’ve overcome them?

I think with any queer creators, we will receive the usual hate, but we try not to focus on that by any means. Some people want to be angry no matter what, so you just have to remind yourself that that is their problem, not yours.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for your content and your advocacy within the LGBTQIA+ community?

To make people feel good. That’s all. We just want people to have a break from all the chaos around us and remember that they can smile, they can laugh, it’s okay to take moments to just feel nice. That’s why we’re so excited that our stand-up special comes out worldwide this fall, and we’re already planning a 2025 tour! I’ve got plants to pay for.

Finally, who are some of your favourite content creators to follow on TikTok?

Oh, I love this. I’m a big fan of Luke (@iam.mrluke) – he’s so positive and fun, and his plant collection is amazing. Also love seeing Jake Shane (@octopusslover8) get his moment in the sun. Others we’re fans of are Debra DiGiovanni (@debradigi), Joe Dombroski (@joe_dombrowski_), Mercury Stardust (@mercurystardust), Connor DeWolfe (@connordewolfe)… honestly, there are so many I could list for days and days. TikTok is such a hub for creation; I love it.


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