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The Ultimate Smash Burger Is Available For Two Weeks Only

June 12, 2024

Two Main Street burger giants are teaming up for the ultimate smash burger collaboration. Available for two weeks only, from June 14 to 23 at Street Hawker, and June 28 to July 8 at Downlow Burgers, Doug Stephen of Downlow and Justin Cheung of Street Hawker have created the DL Hawker Royale. This limited-edition burger features two wagyu smash patties kissed with charcoal tallow, house-made salted egg yolk cheese, DL fried chicken skin, sliced heirloom tomato, shreddice and Hawker sauce.

“Justin and his team are doing awesome things up at Street Hawker, and we thought it would be fun to collaborate and create a crazy good burger together,” says Doug. “The DL Hawker Royale incorporates a bit of DNA from both our concepts: fresh vegetables, Southeast Asian flavours, and a bit of crunch with our fried chicken skin. It’s a whole lot of flavour in one bite.”

In addition to the special burger, you can also order the Fries Royale, featuring truffle dusted crispy crinkle potatoes with truffle sauce. There will also be special add-ons at each location.

“Downlow Burgers has been making excellent burgers for a while now, and it was great working with Doug and his team on creating the DL Hawker Royale, which is truly a great mash up of both our concepts together,” adds Justin. “We look forward to having our respective guests from both restaurants give it a try very soon. I highly recommend also ordering the Fries Royale!” —Vita Daily


🍔 A burger collab like no other, the DL Hawker Royale is the epic partnership of Street Hawker and @DownLow Burgers – this massive offering can also be upgraded to include foie gras and salmon caviar! Let us know in the comments if you would try this burger!

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