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5 At-Home Waxing Products + Expert Tips On Executing A Good DIY Wax

June 14, 2024

If you’re looking to embrace long-lasting, smooth skin from the comfort of your home, waxing just may be the answer for you.

In an era where easy, at-home and cost-friendly treatments are gaining popularity, beauty enthusiasts are reaching for at-home waxing kits. It’s an option that’s no longer messy or intimidating. It’s become a part of beauty rituals that offer long-lasting and salon-worthy results.

Waxing pulls hair from the root so the hair takes longer to grow back meaning you don’t have to touch up as often as shaving.

Whether you’re a waxing beginner or a seasoned pro, we chatted with Poonam Pahwa, Brand Manager and Product Development from Sliick by Salon Perfect for tips on waxing at-home. —Farah Khan

Why are at-home waxing products trendy now?

During the pandemic, DIY trends grew and people were on the hunt to learn new things. Post-pandemic, people have started to opt for at-home grooming options to save time, money, and empower themselves to learn something new—this includes beauty routines. 

“Overall, the combination of convenience, cost-effectiveness, privacy, DIY trend, and external factors like the pandemic have contributed to the current trendiness of at-home waxing products,” said Pahwa.

How do at-home wax products cater to different skin types and sensitivities, and what should consumers look for when choosing the right product for their skin?

At-home products from Sliick by Salon Perfect are designed to cater to various skin types and sensitivities based on the formulation of the ingredients and the design of their application methods. 

Pahwa shares three things to look out for when waxing at-home.

  1. Before using the wax, perform a patch test! 

Especially if you have known sensitive skin, this is very important to check for any adverse reactions.

  1. Choose a wax that is easy to apply and remove.

Excessive tugging or pulling can irritate the skin further. Generally, wax beads are good for sensitive areas compared to wax strips, whereas wax strips are good for larger areas.

  1. Look for soothing aftercare products.

Post-waxing oils and lotions can help calm the skin, reduce redness and irritation after waxing.  Sliick’s post wax + shave oil is enriched with grape seed, jojoba and squalane oil that helps calm discomfort and bumps to leave skin flawlessly smooth and glowy with no greasy after feel.

Here are tips on ensuring the best results when waxing at-home:

  1. Exfoliate with a body scrub 2 days before waxing to remove any dead skin cells.
    1. Tip: Our body doesn’t shed off dead skin so exfoliating will keep the skin smooth, prevent ingrown hairs, and provide the best results.
  2. Ensure skin is clean and dry before waxing
  • Remove any lotions, oils, or sweat from the skin, as these can interfere with the wax’s ability to adhere properly.
  1. Hair should be 0.25 inches or longer.
    1. This will ensure the wax can effectively remove the hair.
  2. Wax should be melted to a thick, caramel-like consistency.
  3. Hold the skin taut and pull wax off with one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Shop At-Home Wax Products

Sliick by Salon Perfect at Home Microwave Waxing Kit (Sale $20)

Achieve salon-like waxing results at-home with this easy-to-use kit that includes acai hard wax beads, microwaveable cup, and mixing tool that’s a hassle-free and cost-effective waxing solution.

Sliick – Post Wax Oil (Sale $13)

Infused with nourishing oils and vitamins, this post-wax oil soothes and hydrates the skin after waxing (or shaving) leaving you with smooth skin. 

Tress Wellness Hard Wax Beads ($25)

Dermatologically tested and effective in removing coarse hair in sensitive areas such as bikini and underarms. It even comes with applicators and a waxing guide created by aestheticians to give you tips and tricks.

Wax Strip Kit for Bikini ($11)

If you prefer a more mess-free option, try these Athena Club plant-based wax strips. They are gentle yet effective in hair removal. Plus, the kit comes with a tea tree oil post-wax wipe for a soothing finish.

Clean + Easy Body Wax Strips ($14)

A convenient and easy wax strips set that comes with small and large strip sizes to unwanted remove hair from peach fuzz to coarse hair. 


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