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How Dating Influences Your Health & Lifestyle

June 22, 2024

People have the tendency to say that when you’re in love, you can literally do anything. It’s like you were provided with some imaginary wings that are capable of taking you to the highest heights.

Of course, unrequited love can do the total opposite, but that’s another topic that won’t be discussed today. Now, many reports have concluded that dating can positively influence various aspects of our lives.

If you haven’t heard of this fact before, yet you would like to know more, then you should stay tuned because today this article is going to talk about the massive influence of dating and love on our overall well-being.

How It Is Affecting Your Brain

A vast majority of people think that the first thing that “strikes” our bodies when we are in love is the heart. Even though there’s no denying that it is also influenced, you may be surprised by the fact that, in fact, our brain is the one that’s affected first.

Once it occurs, your mood and behavior instantly change, and you get to experience some feelings that you haven’t felt in a very long time, or ever. That’s especially the case with those who opt for mindful dating because they are gradually going through various stages of getting to know someone, and every single one of them makes them feel very excited and happy. One of the first sensations you’ll feel in these instances is euphoria.

This can be described as continuous excitement whenever you think or spend time with the person you’re in love with. Your brain’s reward system then relies on a crucial chemical to intensify different types of behavior, like:

  • Eating
  • Seeing people you care about
  • Listening to music
  • Making love

Even the “smallest” things, like thinking about that special someone, can trigger dopamine release, making you feel extremely excited, and encouraging you to do whatever is necessary to see them or talk to them.

Then, when it finally happens (meaning that you saw them) your brain “floods” you with even more dopamine, which means that you’ll experience even more pleasure.

Say Goodbye to Stress And Anxiety

There are numerous factors in everyday life that can cause people to constantly be anxious and under a lot of stress, whether it is anything that’s work-related, fighting with your loved ones, or many other things that occur regularly.

When your mental health is jeopardized in any way, you may start experiencing headaches, tiredness, insomnia, etc. However, if you have someone by your side, like your partner, then you’ll almost immediately feel a huge relief because you’ll know that you have someone you can lean on and who’s got your back.

It has been proven various times before, that when your dating life is on a very high level, then you’re less likely to feel anxious, stressed, and depressed. When you spend some quality time with your other half, your brain almost immediately goes into relaxation mode which is amazing for mental health.

Let’s Not Forget Our Tender Heart

Our hearts are very fragile in every sense, which is why people must do whatever they can to properly take care of it. Although there are many things that you can do for your heart health, one of the simplest, yet most efficient ways, is by being in love.

Namely, when your dating life is thriving, it means that you spend a lot of time with that special someone, and even by looking at them, you are going to increase the heart rate almost three times quicker than normal which means that you will boost blood supply to your body, and concurrently, provide your smitten heart with an excellent exercise.

In short, when you are in love, you are not only enhancing your mental health, but you are preventing numerous heart problems. How sensational is that? Not to mention the fact that people who are in seventh heaven usually are a lot more stimulated to start working out and work on their physical health in general, which is very beneficial for the heart.

In addition, men and women who love to exercise with their other half are more likely to do intense workouts than the ones who exercise alone.

You’ll Make Healthier Choices

When we say healthier choices, we do not necessarily mean only the most significant ones, such as dieting, working out, getting a good night’s sleep, etc. There are various other things (that may not be as “essential”) as the ones that were previously mentioned, that may still positively impact our lives.

For example, those who are dating and are very happy in their relationships will frequently be influenced by their partners to do something positive for themselves, such as flossing. On the other hand, they may radically decrease alcohol consumption, which is also another thing that can be influenced by your partner.

As concluded above, when you’re in a stable relationship, you are more likely to start incorporating different useful habits, such as eating a balanced diet, avoiding smoking and drinking, and many other things.

That’s because you have a person in your life who isn’t only an amazing support system, but someone who wants what’s best for you and who shares similar/same goals as you do too.

You Will Boost Your Self-Confidence As Well!

When you deal with poor self-confidence and self-esteem, then you may refrain from different things in life because you’re too scared of the outcome, you may think that you are not good enough, and many other things.

However, when you are in love, it’s like, almost instantly you see yourself in a completely new light. That’s something that will help you to become a lot more confident in different aspects of your life.

There’s no need to remind you how when your self-confidence is on an admirable level, it’s going to reflect on both your personal and professional life.

Dr. Seuss used to say that when you’re in love, you cannot fall asleep because your reality is much better than your dreams. And that’s one hundred percent true, so if you want your life to look like a fairytale, then go on a hunt to find your soulmate.


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