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Best Self-Tanners For An Even, Streak-Free Look

June 24, 2024

Summer may be upon us, but if you’re anything like me and have been on the hunt for the perfect self-tanner to maintain your seasonal golden glow all year round, I’ve rounded up some go-to faves for an even, streak-free look. I’ve tried a lot of self-tanners in my day, but these are my current holy grails- and some of the best on the market right now- offering a seamless application every time. From face to body, these are my top 10 product must-tries to achieve the ideal sun-kissed bronzed goddess glow- this season and beyond. Samantha Vecchiarelli

St. Tropez Self Tan Suprême Violet Mousse

St. Tropez is a longtime fan-favorite of mine when it comes to self-tanning, but the brand’s newest Self Tan Suprême Violet Mousse is a real game changer. This ultra-dark mousse formula ensures a deep olive tan that features St. Tropez’s professional-strength Tri-Tan Technology for an even application upon use. The best part is that the tan’s violet-tint base works to harmonize your tan tones for a more natural, balanced look. I love using the St. Tropez applicator mitt to apply the product for a streak-free, all-over glow.

SALTYFACE Tanning Water

This Tanning Water from SALTYFACE features a clean solution that’s perfect for sensitive skin, making it your new go-to for a sun-kissed face. Since it’s a gradual tan, it’s ideal for first-time users and will develop seamlessly- offering a natural-looking tan you can use to maintain your golden glow on a year-round basis. For best results, make sure you apply this product as the final step of your skincare routine, adding 1-2 dropperfulls of the product onto your fingers and applying it all over your face for an even, streak-free look.

Tan On The Run Chocolate Glaze Tan Extender And Moisturizer

As someone who loves to get a spray tan as a little self-care treat from time to time, Tan On The Run is my go-to! With locations across the US, Canada, and international markets, Tan On The Run is super convenient for any event- any time of year. Did you know the brand also has tanning products available for purchase that you can use to prolong your sun-kissed glow? I love using the brand’s Chocolate Glaze Tan Extender and Moisturizer because it’s formulated for the sunless tanner- plus, it’s designed for you to take anywhere and everywhere to achieve the perfect tan. It’s recommended to use a body brush for best results, in which you leave the tan on overnight to develop into the ultimate body glow. 

Bondi Sands Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serum

Say hello to the latest product launch from Bondi Sands- the Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serum, which is available in 4 unique shades. This revolutionary solution offers a custom face tanning experience that has been specially designed to produce the perfect self-tan results. In this case, the face serum is formulated to give you the best, natural-looking tan based on your skin tone- whether you’re light, medium, or deep. I love how this product has been blended with skin-loving ingredients that blur the skin and help prevent breakouts- all while providing a sun-kissed, streak-free look.  

Fun Fact: Kelsea Ballerini actually used the brand’s Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serum in the shade Emerald to achieve her stunning 2024 Met Gala glow!

NUDA Self Tanning Mousse

This lightweight Self-Tanning Mousse from NUDA has been a fave of mine for a while because of its naturally derived ingredients. For instance, the formula features a blend of coconut oil, cucumber, mango, apricot, and grapefruit extract, ensuring skin looks and feels its best when applied. It’s also super hydrating and quick-drying, making this the perfect at-home self-tan to achieve a glow-up overnight!

Coco & Eve Face Tanning Micromist

This Face Tanning Micromist from Coco & Eve is a self-tan and skincare hybrid all in one! Offering the perfect way to self-tan in a pinch, this micromist solution features a skin-loving Antioxidant Complex that boosts collagen production and increases hydration. As a super beginner-friendly product, this is the ultimate lightweight and ultra-convenient option to spritz and glow on the go for a streak-free, smooth, and even look every time.

Tan-Luxe THE GRADUAL Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion

Tan-Luxe’s Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion is the self-tan product you- and your skin- have been waiting for. This product is great for most skin types and is a hydrating oil and lotion hybrid that both tans and smooths the look of skin for a bronzed goddess-inspired head-to-toe glow. The quick-drying gradual tan formula also features a moisturizing blend of naturally derived raspberry seed oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera.

Bali Body 1 Hour Express Self Tan

If you’re looking for an ultra-quick glow-up, Bali Body’s 1 hour Express Self Tan is the one for you. Offering a streak-free finish and even application process, this formula is great for all skin types and customizable to achieve the perfect tailored self-tan experience. Since this is an express solution, you can leave it on for a minimum of 1 hour to achieve a more natural look or longer (3-4 hours) to develop a deeper tan. Simply rinse off when you feel as if you have achieved your desired glow!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

The brand’s popular Self-Tanning Drops allow you to control your glow when applying the product to your face. Since you can add the drops to your moisturizing routine, it’s easy to customize your look thanks to the formulation’s color corrective approach. Plus, these tanning drops offer a winning combination of organic tanning actives along with avocado, chia seed, and coconut oils, ensuring skin looks and feels its best!

Loving Tan 2HR Express Mousse Dark

Got somewhere to be ASAP? The Loving Tan 2 HR Express Mousse Dark is the ultimate self-tan go-to to maintain a natural tan in mere minutes. The instant glow will develop into a deeper tan, allowing for a more tailored, streak-free look you can control. Plus, the integrated instant bronzer color-guide technology ensures you won’t miss a spot!


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