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11 Fashion TikTok Influencers To Follow For Style Tips

June 27, 2024

Looking to upgrade your style game and stay ahead of the latest fashion trends? Whether you’re seeking fashion inspiration, style tips, or hacks, TikTok has become a go-to platform for advice and learning. From trendy outfit ideas to honest reviews on the hottest brands, we’ve curated a list of top fashion TikTok influencers who are redefining style and sharing the truth on some of your favourite brands. Whether you’re a trendsetter or just looking to revamp your wardrobe, these influencers are here to guide you through the world of fashion with their creativity and flair. —Mursal Rahman

Valeria Lipovetsky


The Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Guest Dresses ✨ Which look is your favorite?! ⁠ ⁠ #vlstyles #weddingguestdresses #weddingszn

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Before TikTok, Valeria built her fanbase on YouTube, launching her channel in 2017 to share her journey as a holistic nutritionist and her experiences in the fashion industry. Over the years, she expanded her content to include fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, and family, amassing over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and TikTok, and over 2 million on Instagram. On TikTok and Instagram, she dazzles her followers with chic outfits and style tips. When she’s not running her media company, Valeria Inc., or recording her podcast, Not Alone Pod, she’s busy inspiring her fans with fabulous fashion videos.

Lindsay Albanese

Before TikTok, Lindsay Albanese shared style tips and fashion inspiration from her celebrity stylist days on her YouTube channel. Now, she has grown a following of over 600,000 people on TikTok, where she shares all her tips and tricks. On her TikTok, she started a series called “Lindsay’s Latest Finds,” where she shops at her fans’ favourite stores and highlights quality pieces worth grabbing. Beyond her social media career, she’s the founder of Lindsay Albanese Accessories, creating functional items like the TOPTOTE and more.

Jennifer Wang

If you want to know what to look for when buying clothes to ensure it’s good quality and worth your money Jennifer Wang is the person to follow. She shares insights on what fabrics to look out for and how to know if the garment is well constructed. If you want to know how to elevate your wardrobe on a budget check out her page.

Gabi Fresh

Gabi Fresh launched her blog in September 2008 after college, eager for a job in fashion journalism. Unable to land a job, she used blogging to showcase her writing skills and passion for fashion. Noticing a lack of trendy options for women size 14 and up, she filled that gap with her bold, style advice. Her blog evolved into a personal style hub, encouraging women to take risks and have fun with fashion, no matter their size. Gabi has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and more, and has been featured in magazines like Glamour and Teen Vogue. On her social media, she shares styling tips and sources for plus-size fashion.

Veronika Molnar

On Veronika Molnar‘s Instagram and TikTok, she shares try-on hauls and styling tips for bold pieces like micro skirts and feather jackets. With over 700,000 TikTok followers and 400,000 on Instagram, she’s a fashion force to be reckoned with. She studied Fashion Marketing in London and now lives in New York with her husband. If you’re ever in need of some fashion inspiration she’s definitely someone you should watch.

Janette Ok

Based in Los Angeles Janette Ok is formerly known as @inmyseams on her social media. She features her outfits and shares style tips for those with larger chests. Her bra hacks and bra recommendations are truly a lifesaver. One of her videos that went viral was when she showcased what outfits she would wear as an “NBA Courtside Baddie.”

Andrea Cheong

Andrea Cheong is the Author of Why Don’t I Have Anything To Wear? Founder of The Mindful Monday Method. She has written for British Vogue and Who What Wear sharing her fashion wisdom. On her TikTok page she creates content on mindful shopping, shares fashion reviews, and gives tips on how to find quality pieces.

Nava Rose

If you’re interested in fashion DIY then you need to check out Nava Rose. She is based in Los Angeles and uses her sewing skills to create fun and creative outfits for herself. One of her most popular videos is when she created an outfit out of a fake Louis Vuitton bag and then wore it to the Louis Vuitton store.

Keri Fay

Don’t know how to elevate your basics? Keri Fay will teach you. Based in the U.S Keri shares advice on how to create a capsule wardrobe. She shows how to put together different outfits with one item and shares what items to splurge on.

Atiya Walcott

Based in Chicago Altiya Walcott is the queen of self-expression through fashion. She does unique and whimsical edits on her videos where she introduces herself with the line, “My name is Altiya Walcott and I’m incredibly fashionable. Let’s get dressed together.” She is the perfect reminder to everyone to have fun with fashion and to take risks with your style.

Jessi Regina

If you’re ever looking for fashion inspiration Jessi Regina’s cool-girl aesthetic will surely help spark creativity. On her TikTok page, she documents the outfits she wears as a teacher and demonstrates how accessories can elevate an outfit. In her travel vlogs she shows off her vacation fits and truly emanates what it’s like to live like the world is your runway.


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