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Why Summer Is The Season To Visit Japan, Says Travel Guide

July 1, 2024

Japan has one of the most diverse landscapes that a country can offer, varying from season to season, where you will find cherry blossoms, seas of orange carpeting the hills during the Autumn and the most picturesque winter postcard opportunities. These qualities make Japan the perfect tourist destination all year round. The experts at Japan Rail Pass have provided us insight into the top two most idyllic locations to visit during each season in Japan.

Summer locations to visit in Japan

1. Furano-Biei, Hokkaido

Furano and Biei are rural towns located in Hokkaido, Japan which are home to some of the most breathtaking patchwork fields anywhere in the world. The flower gardens of Shikisai-no-oka carpet the landscape with multi coloured seas of Lavender, Tulips, Salvia and Sunflowers and make for incredible viewing over the summer months. However, this location isn’t only pretty views, as you can visit Farm Tomita and sample numerous products from lavender perfumes to incredible cuisine.

2. Okinawa Prefecture

The Okinawa Prefecture covers the most south-western point of Japan, home to many islands such as Miyako-jima and Ishigaki which boast Tropical beaches and the bluest oceans for miles. This location is reminiscent of a postcard that you’d find of any tropical paradise, making it the perfect location for your summer travels across Japan.

You can enjoy the sites of the 22 islands across Okinawa, or you can get hands on with plenty of activities to book, such as exploring and snorkelling to experience the diverse sea life that the area has on offer.

Autumn locations to visit in Japan

1. Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is located in Shibuya, Tokyo and is a must see location during the Autumn in Japan. The park itself spans over 133 acres and draws parallels with the likes of central park in New York, USA with its long spanning greenery and tranquillity in the middle of a concrete jungle such as Tokyo. In autumn months, the park becomes a painting of reds, oranges and browns that personify the season.

Yoyogi Park offers a wide variety of things to do, from weekly festival events, to dog parks and being home to  Yoyogi National Gymnasium which hosted events during the 2020 Olympics. A great thing about this location is that it’s also perfect for the spring, boasting stunning cherry blossoms which transform the entire look of the area.

2. Mt. Takao

Mt. Takao is another incredible location to visit all year round, however in the Autumn it proves to be the most aesthetic. The mountain location still comes under wider Tokyo and is a sub one hour train journey away from Tokyo City making it easily accessible.

The Mountain is rich with a combination of history, religion, and untouched nature. You can visit the shrine of Izuna Daigongen – a Shinto-Buddhist god, where you can learn all about the history of the mountain and its spiritual implications on the culture. In addition to this you can enjoy the countless hiking trails that will give you a first hand taste of what the Autumn months have to offer in this scenic location.

Winter locations to visit in Japan

1. Shirakawago, Gifu

Shirakawago is a must see during the winter months in Japan, offering heritage, snow and relaxation. The mountain village is located in Gifu and is currently listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site where it is described as being “outstanding examples of traditional human settlements that are perfectly adapted to their environment and their social and economic raison d’être.”

These settlements are comparable with a magical Christmas movie in the winter months, where on planned dates, they will illuminate the village in the freshly powdered snow to illustrate the beauty of the area.

2. Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata

Ginzan Onsen is a hot spring town located in Obanazawa, Japan. The town is filled with hot spring inns that situate along either side of the Ginzan river, which when snowfall coats the wooden buildings, makes for an incredible sight.

The town has also found popularity with newer generations as it bears resemblance to the landscape that you would see in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away which is one of the most notable anime’s made to this very day. 

Spring locations to visit in Japan

1. Nabana no Sato

Spring in Japan is arguably one of the most perfect combinations anywhere in the world, and Nabana no sato encapsulates this perfectly. In the springtime this world famous flower park is home to every coloured flower on the colour wheel, from tulips and roses to hydrangeas and irises, all of which are enclosed by an array of stunning  cherry blossoms.

This flower garden is also perfect to visit in the winter, where at night time the location is lit up with thousands of decorative illuminations.

2. Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen 
is a park located inside of Tokyo and is widely accepted as one of the best locations to see cherry blossoms. The park has an interesting history to learn about and covers 144 acres that is split into three different garden varieties – a traditional Japanese garden, a French garden and an English garden, which all have something unique to offer.

The Shinjuku Gyoen park is another great example of a location that transforms throughout the seasons and for different reasons will become popular during the winter months.


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