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Hair Loss Or Thinning? Add This Canadian Brand To Your Cart 

July 2, 2024

No matter the age or gender, hair loss can affect anyone—much like Dr. Simon Pimstone, co-founder and CEO of XYON Health Inc. who experienced hair loss in his early 20s. 

Hair loss and thinning is a concern that goes beyond aesthetics and navigating the sea of treatments can be daunting, but patience and research is key when it comes to hair loss or thinning products. 

XYON Health is a Vancouver-based, FDA-approved hair care line founded by two doctors that’s bringing forth a new era of hair loss treatments—medical expert-founded beauty and access to medical information through a content library. 

A major concern for women is should they be taking prescribed hair loss treatments such as finasteride and minoxidil? Keeping this in mind, the Activate Performance Shampoo, Fortify Performance Conditioner were created to target multiple causes of female hair loss, along with the Nourishing Perfecting Hair Oil in a safe and effective way. 

Whether it’s alopecia or hair thinning, to shed light on this topic of hair loss, we chatted with Dr. Pimstone. Farah Khan

What inspired you to start Xyon Health?

XYON Health was inspired by my own hair loss experience in my early 20s, as well as what Dr. Victor Hasson, my co-founder and a world-renowned hair restoration expert, has observed in patients over his 30 years of practice. Many men and women struggle with their hair loss medications due to fears of sexual dysfunction. By leveraging our collective decades of medical and scientific expertise, myself, Dr. Hasson and XYON’s medical director and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Christina Han, XYON was founded to provide patients with innovative approaches to hair loss management including best-in-class customer support and educational content. There is no other brand that has the level of expertise XYON has and this shows in our offerings, content and customer care.

Who is the right fit for Xyon products?

XYON products are meant for people suffering from hair loss or concerned about hair thinning. However, in order to make the best recommendation for treatment, interested customers complete a short intake questionnaire, which is reviewed by a physician to determine if they are a suitable candidate to proceed with a consultation and a potential treatment. The patient has the opportunity to discuss any additional questions or concerns at that time with the doctor in a convenient and discrete manner. 

What sets Xyon products apart from other hair loss solutions on the market?

XYON’s products are formulated and tested by leaders in the field of hair restoration, each of whom have a clear picture of both the quality of the ingredients and their benefit to patients. Like with any chronic condition, effective treatment of hair loss depends on understanding each individual patient’s symptoms and experience. 

Depending on the individual, hair loss conditions can be highly complex, often requiring a specialist approach. The strong scientific and clinical underpinnings at XYON’s core allow us to design and provide the optimal management plan for each individual to make hair loss optional.

How do your products cater to individuals dealing with these different types of alopecia?

We offer access to specialist physicians who can prescribe bespoke oral and topical treatments, tailored for each customer and designed to both maximize delivery of medications to the hair follicle and limit absorption of medications into the bloodstream where important to do so. These treatments are prescribed through digital consultations where medical specialists assess an individual’s hair loss and provide recommended plans in a discreet environment.

In addition to prescription offerings, we also offer a line of over-the-counter shampoos, conditioners, and scalp oils and serums that are colour safe, sulfate, paraben and cruelty free, and use natural ingredients that have shown the best research evidence for their anti-androgen (anti-DHT), antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential. We call this XYON’s A3 technology.  These can be used for standalone daily hair and scalp improvement, or as part of a hair loss regimen in tandem with a prescription medication.

Are there recommendations for lifestyle changes or complementary treatments that you would suggest?

There are certain lifestyle-related factors that can affect hair loss. These include, but are not limited to stress, problems with diet and/or nutrition, certain medications and other medical conditions affecting the scalp. We always recommend consulting with a physician for the best advice on what kind of hair loss is affecting each individual and whether prescribed medication, a lifestyle change, or a combination of both is the best path forward.


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